Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ray Ferris Promises an Interesting Comment tomorrow

Ray Ferris said...
Chris Ash gave the standard MCF blurb in reply which is on a card written for her by Leslie Dutoit. She dare not deviate from it under pain of having her blackberry removed.
She should ask permission to change her spiel as follows. When a social worker has good reason to believe that a child is at risk,he/she must ensure the safety of that child and is legally obliged to ensure that no less disruptive course is available. They must swear before a judge that such a course was taken. I can give you every assurance that I have looked closely into the case and every effort was made to ensure that the worker complied strictly with this legal requirement.
Of course the affidavit of Humeny contained a check off that no less disruptive course was available. This was a bald faced lie. All he had to do was nothing. I had suggested to Doug Chistie that if Humeny turned up with that affidavit, he should immediately accuse him of perjury. NO wonder they adjourned.
Tomorrow I am going to write about why I am convinced that the judge cannot make a continuing care order on the BAyne case.

Meantime I beg Humeny to be as decent as possible until the judge rules. Stop trying to interfere with poor Zabeth feeding her child mother's milk. Just try to do the decent thing and stand up to your boss if you have to.

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  1. What a pair, this Lorne Humeny and Bruce McNeill! They are certainly going out of their way to make this family's life hell. What on earth motivates these people. Not love of children, that's pretty clear.


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