Wednesday, February 16, 2011

COURT TOMORROW / Part 437 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

Mary-Ellen Kragh has written... Please come out and support Paul and Zabeth as they make a court appearence this Thursday Morning (Feb. 17, 2011). It will be at 9:30 at the Surrey Courthouse (14340 - 57 Avenue, Surrey, B.C.).

This is regarding Josiah's Custody.


  1. Please feel free to comment on these latest developments

  2. This seems criminal. I can't believe that Judge Crabtree would want this. MCFD and their social workers have put this baby's life at risk; he needs his mother's milk for his immune system, and to grow and live. What a savage thing to do.

    Here is a suggestion from a poster on the Bayne's facebook page:

    Michelle Penner FergusonThe Bayne Campaign for Justice
    Directly contact Mary Polak and Leslie du Troit @ ph# 250 387-9699 to express your disgust with the injustice to the Bayne family under their leadership of MCFD.
    Send an email to Gordon Campbell and Kevin Falcon, potential Liberal leader, that a cabinet shuffle should be considered - with Polak and du Troit, the Liberals are losing

    Email addresses:
    Mary Polak:
    Leslie du Troit:
    Gordon Campbell:
    Kevin Falcon:

  3. You can add another contact to write to:
    Beverly Dicks and Linda McNulty Executive Director of Practice for Vancouver Coastal Region (she tells Bruce McNeil what to do, as I gather the Fraser region is now being handled by the Vancouver Coastal Region she heads.)

    I would suggest writing paper letters to 601 - 700 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC V7Y 1B6.

    Also, fire off a message (or three) to Go Public's Kathy Tomlinson, who has done several prior stories on the Baynes.

    It would not hurt to built up the outrage so that when the decision finally comes down, so a more in-depth and harder hitting story will be produced.

  4. The insensitive formality of the process of a first appearance is heartbreakingly effective at hiding the trauma this situation embodies.

    There were two dozen supporters present at the Surrey Courthouse (14340 57th Ave). Fortunately, compared to the Chilliwack courthouse, there were a few more seats available for everyone to sit with space to spare.

    A lawyer from Kinsman and Co. from Richmond acted for MCFD. (This company does the work for Surrey MCFD, and bills over $800,000 yearly according to the recent BC Gov't Finance document. This is nearly 10% of the total such legal expenditures by MCFD for all of B.C.) Future such appearances I gather would be Handled by Mr. Finn Jensen.

    I gather there was a mixup on dates and the Baynes lawyer Mr. Christie did not appear. The presiding (lady) judge heard the matter and addressed Mr. Christie's absence in a curt and dismissive manner by adjourning the matter to next Thursday February 24th at 9:30am. There were no niceties here at all. The Baynes were the second family up, and their appearance lasted all of five minutes.

    It should be noted by observers that the report to court stage is pretty much a meaningless formality. No argument is presented. One either accepts what MCFD is seeking, or you contest the matter, and a Presentation Hearing must then be heard. This first step is not intended to last much more than five minutes.

    For future reference, there is a new file number: SUR-P-F-33289

    On the page posted on the bulletin board outside the courtroom 312, there were 88 names for just this one day of CFCSA cases. Remarkable.

  5. Go Public is a weekly investigative news segment on CBC TV, radio and the web.

    We're now tackling in-depth stories for the fall and are wide open to ideas.

    If you have a story for us, email or use the form on this page.


    Just spoke with Nicholas Simons' office, NDP critic of MCFD (ph# 604-485-1249) to call for an internal investigation of Mary Polak's handing of the Bayne case, highlighting the custody removal of a 5 hr baby from his mother. Please call - Great to have numbers showing support for this investigation.

  7. Good contributions everyone, thanks for leads, news, addresses both email and postal.

  8. Heather K has left a new comment on the post "COURT TOMORROW / Part 437 / For Love and For Justi...":

    Hi Ron,
    I'm just wondering if there is someone that has a bit of a letter that we could follow that would sum things up succinctly. I am going to write to all of those listed above but would like to have something that carries great impact. Much appreciated.

    I was at the Surrey Court House on Thursday. When all of the Bayne supporters stood to leave, the woman in charge for the MCFD turned around at the commotion, her jaw hung open until the judge called her twice to get her attention. Apparently they didn't expect any supporters to show up for this hearing.

  9. for more information on why and how the government can do as they wish with your children, etc, research these on the internet:
    1. strawman birth certificate bond
    2. house joint resolution 192, June 5th, 1933
    4. Winston Shrout's commerce video's on youtube
    5. one world government/new world order


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