Saturday, February 19, 2011

Only the Beginning / Part 443 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

Only the Beginning
First breath and Josiah soon is in the arms of his mother. It is a beginning. It signals a new beginning perhaps for Paul and Zabeth. That was one week ago. Three children they have already and all are registered by name as Bayne Children, yet they have not lived with their mom and dad for three years. This new child and his new life however is the herald of a new start for the Bayne family. No, no, that's not the way it works. Not according to the child protection recipe followed by MCFD in British Columbia. If MCFD regards Paul and Zabeth as a risk to their three children, even though every visit several hours each week only confirms that these children love their parents and want to be with them, then it must be assumed that Paul and Zabeth cannot be trusted to care responsibly for Josiah. Consequently, within hours of his emergence, Josiah may no longer look to his mother for warmth and caress and nourishment and rest, for he has been subsumed among the properties of a social service agency that engenders more apprehension than consolation during the past decades. The confessions of so many of you attest that the Baynes are not an isolated case.

Yet possibly, Josiah's birth and capture is only the beginning and will serve in the near future to give rise to a new beginning. The public cannot for much longer be expected to accept such invasive action against children and their parents regardless of the strength of MCFD's legal authorization and mandate.


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  2. Ron,

    Can you please let us know when and where the next court hearing is?

    Is it at 9:30 at the Surrey Courthouse (14340 - 57 Avenue, Surrey, B.C.), on Thursday, February 24, 2011?

    P.S. I'm not sure if my comments are going through.

    Thank you.

  3. Similarities are frightening.

    MCFD mandate also includes not committing perjury. Until the Courts and the Attorney General do their jobs why should MCFD stop perjuring themselves?

  4. The "Report to Court" hearing is designed to last only five minutes.

    You show up to say you are accepting what the Ministry wants, or you are contesting it. From that point, the next step is a 2-4hr presentation hearing.

    You may be 'lucky' to get a Presentation Hearing date during this report to court stage.

    In this case, such a date would be long after Judge Crabtree's decision.

  5. Anon 2:58 PM (42 minutes ago)wrote

    "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Only the Beginning / Part 443 / For Love and For J...":

    By using doctor diagnosis to declare abuse, this relieves any child protection officials from having to investigate futher.

    Generally speaking, social workers strive to have 3rd party experts of their choosing to officially declare abuse. They know their own opinion alone does not count for much.

    It does not matter if the family has no corroberating derogatory history, or if police do not file abuse charges. Child protection has worked long and hard with other agencies so that they can all contribute to create a 'preponderance of evidence' designed to make it hard for judges to ignore.

    I gather there are not too many "Dr. Smiths" around to provide on-demand statements of abuse.

    Of course child protection officials and the government will go to any lengths to protect these individuals. Everyone collaborates to make sure the parents are seen as guilty. This is all that is happening here.

    I think that is why there is so much similarity in shaken baby cases.

  6. Our hearts go out to the Baynes family! This awakens so much of what we have gone through with the ministry. We so hope and pray the ministry will be put on the "hot seat" and once and for all be exposed for how very wrong they are and be made to change their stony hearted archaic policies! They have broken so many hearts and so many families. Our sad experience started 35+ yrs ago in an on going saga of which we are still experiencing the rippling affects!
    Canada apologized to First Nations for the trauma that was done to their children. It is unfathomable that this can still be happening today! The trauma families are put through isn’t even the whole story. The money it is costing is phenomenal!

  7. Readers,

    Please do more than hope and pray. These things are good, but we need other kinds of action, including writing letters and making phone calls and sending faxes.

  8. Dear anonymous,
    I have done and will do more than hope & pray. When it comes to writing letters and making phone calls it must be done by people who are well versed in legalities and are able to articulate messages, which I am not. Also I get quite emotional and would not come across well in a phone call. So please realize that not all of us can be front and center people but we can be supportive in ways we feel able to. I will do whatever my 'giftings' allow me to do. If I feel I can write a letter that is within my ablity to do I will do it.


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