Tuesday, February 22, 2011

BULLETIN: JOSIAH HAS BEEN MOVED / Part 447 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

Few details as yet. First, a hasty note came that someone had been in hospital trying to fit tiny Josiah into a child carseat. Second, word has come that Josiah will be moved from hospital today into a foster home.
Latest: They did remove the baby. They hurt Paul and Zabeth even more. 
Josiah: he is now 12 days old
The Baynes have written: "The MCFD has taken our baby today. They refused to wait for Judge Crabtree's decision. He is now in foster care. There was a meeting between the pediatrician, MCFD, the hospital social worker and his nurse for today and us. He is so small and fragile. Please pray for his safety and return. Our hearts are enduring more pain than we ever thought we would have to bear."


  1. There is only one word for this. Evil.

  2. MCFD is utterly revolting!! They are heartless and unfeeling people. Apparently devoid of rational thought. How sad.

  3. How can the pediatrician and the nurse possibly agree to let the Bayne's baby leave the hospital. Why are they collaborating with MCFD?

    Please, everyone, be sure to come to the next court appearance on Feb 24, Thursday - Surrey Courthouse.

  4. What we can all do now is show up at the courthouse in Surrey this Thurs at 9:30 am to show our support for Paul and Zabeth. I am OUTRAGED! As I'm sure many of you are as well.

  5. Bernice says, , , Well, as always, the established Gov't bureaucracy overrules and runs over whomever they please. Actually, Bureaucrats run smaller gov'ts operated by unelected people which can completely overrule the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.Their power is as great as any dictator's power.
    When we put all the news on TV of countries fighting for personal and collective freedoms, we self righteously tout our great Charter of Rights and Freedoms but the fact is that great document is not anything that Canadian bureaucracy knows anything about. Their bureaucracy is not governed by the Charter if they think it shouldn't apply to a case. They decide. They decide without a court case, too.

  6. This is malpractice.

  7. Ron; I was going to write today as to why this case could be dragged out ad nauseam on one shaky piece of opinion evidence. Now I got the news of Josiah, I don't think anyone would be too interested. This is more immediate. I join in with everyone in expressing my disgust at the director. You said everything very well already and left little for me to add.
    When McNeill moved in with armed police and dragged the terrified children out in the middle of a birthday party, I knew that he was nasty, mean and vindictive. So this is a disappointment to me, but no surprise. I am sure that many of the critical comments on this blog have made the director dead set on punishing the Baynes in retaliation.
    The reasons he gives for doing all these dreadful things give one clear insight into his mind and his thinking. They reveal his paucity of intellect and meanness of spirit. Just look at the pathetic reasons on the presentation forms. No facts again--just vague allegations which he cannot prove. Now I am going to tell you something that will really frighten you. I heard from somebody within the ministry that this director is considered to be one of the better directors.
    Now for the good news. I understand thst Thursday's hearing is in front of Judge Crabtree and Doug Christie will be there like an avenging angel.


    The Bayne Campaign for Justice next appearance is this Thursday at 9:30 am at the Surrey Provinical Courthouse, located at 14340 - 57 Avenue, Surrey, B.C. (Parking is available underground but is limited, so you will want to arrive early.)

  9. I would never have a baby in this hospital, after what they have done to the Baynes. The doctor has the right to not discharge the baby - so why did he or she go along with MCFD?

  10. Ray, my friend you make my day when you say that Christie and Crabtree will be there on Thursday. OK people show up, be civil, respectful, make a good show of support, even if you cannot all get inside the court room, to be present will without a doubt make an impression.

  11. What on earth are we to do when the MCFD is the source of hurt for such a tiny baby??? Utterly horrendous!! If there is ANY way you can be at the courthouse, do it! It's worth the sacrifice!

  12. Don't forget to wear all black in support. Even if we won't fit we'll be visible..

  13. Ray, that is the BEST news that I have heard today! Thank you. I will be there as always, and I encourage everyone to show up. It gives Paul and Zabeth such courage when they look around and see how much they are loved.

  14. I'll be there!! and I'll bring friends too!!

  15. And remember to wear black to identify yourselves as Bayne supporters, so the judge and everyone else can see how many of us there are. Be respectful. Don't give them any excuse to be critical. And keep in mind there could be MCFD spies anywhere and everywhere.

  16. This is all going to blow up in their faces (Bruce McNeill's, Lorne Humeny's, MCFD's). They just keep digging a deeper hole, trying to save themselves. Stupid, and mean.

  17. How is it in the "Best Interests of the Child" to yank him from his mother and father and put him with a stranger?!

    MCFD is sick, and the people who work for it are sick. They don't care about children. If any MCFD employees are reading this and disapprove, then say something to the media! If you don't, your silence condemns this family, and you don't deserve any respect. There are some things more important than a job, and anyone with a heart would not be a part of such a creepy organization.

    Bruce McNeill is going to go down in history. I don't think he has any idea how he will be portrayed in years to come, when all of this comes out in the open, as it will.

  18. Looks like Thier gonna go all out on this one! Whats a few thousand more to a lawsuit that the taxpayers will foot even if it evers gets there???

    Totally and Utterly Irresponsible Actions by a Gang of Criminals!

    BC has some Very Sick People running the Show!

  19. 1/2 There are a number of facebook comments posted as well:

    Zabeth Bayne - The MCFD has taken our baby today. They refused to wait for Judge Crabtrees decision. He is now in foster care. There was a meeting between the pediatrician, MCFD, the hospital social worker and his nurse for today and us. He is so small and fragile. Please pray for his safety and return. Our hearts are enduring more pain than we ever thought we would have to bear.

    Judy Joyce - I can't fathom the pain and suffering you and your family continues to endure from all of this. I pray that he stays safe, gets healthier and this judge grants what is right and long overdue. This miscarriage of justice keeps going beyond any form of logic and is cruel, unreasonable and criminal. My prayers are with you, Zabeth, and your family especially that little baby.

    Makenzie Tibbetts - I'm SO sorry Zabeth, our family is praying for you and your family. When will he make his descision?

    Zabeth Bayne - The Judge has confirmed that the decision will be emailed on Feb 28th. We also have court this Thursday for our new baby.

    Anita Ingbre Bugg - I'm so sorry, Zabeth!! I can't imagine what you are going through right now....praying for you and also for sweet Josiah...praying that the judge will see only the truth and not the lies that the MCFD keep putting forth.

    Nichole Ruggiero-Bruff - What in the ???? This makes me SOOO mad!

    David Chiasson - I can't believe that they took the baby. In order for them to be alowed to do that is if the birth certificate is signed granting the government the parent of the child. If you did not sign that paper then they have kidnapped him. Give those kids back to where they belong where they were loved and happy.

    Kim Cunningham Dragotta - Oh Zabeth and Paul, the absolute torture you must be feeling! Thank God your decision is coming from the judge soon so that will end and you will triumph in court with all your children. March will be the month that dreams become reality. We are all crying tears for you and praying for your day of triumph!

    Christine Veenstra - I just do not know what to say anymore as it seems there are no lows the MCFD won't stoop to. Know that you and Paul and your children are loved and cared about by many and many people are praying.

  20. 2/2 There are a number of facebook comments posted as well:

    Maureen Rielly Burke - Memories of that type of horror are never far from the surface of my mind. There can never be a more true form of torture of the mind, body and soul than the removal of a fragile infant from a mothers loving embrace. This madness simply must stop. Praying thru tears for all of you. Just remember, as impossible as it may seem right now there are some of us survivors putting lil ones safely to bed tonight.
    They may have a trinity of power, but so do we.

    Jane Tourand - Oh zabeth my heart goes out to your whole family. As my daughter just having a baby 5wks ago I couldn't imagine be strong god is on our side.

    Dianna Holden - This is absolutely crazy that MCFD can get away with this. It is absolutely shocking how they can get away with this BS for so long. I will continue praying for the safe return of your baby Zabeth & Paul.

    Mary-Ellen Kragh - Zabeth... I am out of words. My heart is broken for you and Paul. Stay strong, it's almost over> We are praying as Kim said just before me, that March will be your month to celebrate! We love you and your precious family so much!

    Elaine Janz Bodner - I am sitting here in tears. How a ministry that claims to have the best interest of children at heart can take a tiny newborn from his mother, who has done nothing but love her children, is beyond belief! The only thing I can say is I hope the Judge has seen thru the MCF's lies and deceit and awards the children back to their parents, Paul and Zabeth, and then hold MCF responsible for what they have done to this family. Paul and Zabeth, we have you in our hearts and in our prayers.

    Wally Millar - Reminds me of a movie we watched recently "The Pianist", a lot of resemblance to the arrogance and hatred. Praying for re-unification Paul and Zabeth.

    Dianna Holden - I don't know if I read the note right that you showed Zabeth but the one that says that the SW only wanted you to pump and not breastfeed wtf is with that. If you want to breastfeed you should be able too.

    Karen Langelaar - So sorry, Zabeth. It's unbelievable; we'll just keep praying for justice and for your family to be together at last. Little Josiah is so precious, God will hold him in his hands while you can't.

    Angelina Rose - We love you and are praying for you and writing letters. Hold on!

    Dorothy Joan Bayne - I can hardly believe this. Will be praying for strength to continue fighting for your children.

  21. I have just learned that the paediatrician on Josiah's case is a close colleague of Dr. Colbourne and a fellow defender of the SBS citadel. No wonder he gave Zabeth short shrift.

  22. A mention of a EMAILED February 28th decision is news. Judge Crabtree appears on a Thursday and the decision is emailed the following Monday?

    How can he NOT declare his decision in person this Thursday?

  23. I'm with Mary Ellen. A bit of good news on a really heartbreaking day. Doug, if you're reading this, THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to represent Josiah and Paul and Zabeth on Thursday. Absolutely important for every seat to be filled by supporters. If anyone has media contacts, please call or e-mail them. This case definitely impacts every parent or child in the province, whether or not they know it.

  24. You have been forgetting the other individual who was instrumental in removing these children, Berhe Gulbot, haven't heard his name lately! He was the one person who could have acted positively to put this family back together but chose not to! What the MCFD has done lately in removing Josiah and placing him in foster care is irrehensible, mean spirited, vindictive and harmful to the child. I sure hope justice prevails for this family. Many people have lost and are losing faith in this MCFD. Changes are needed NOW to restore people's confidence in this ministry. Judge Crabtree, do the right thing!!

  25. My heart breaks for this family. I can't wait until we all rejoice together for surely God will see justice done. My prayers will continue for the Baynes and also for the MCFD. I know they do indeed have legitimate work to do. Unfortunately, the senseless actions of the MCFD workers in the case of the Baynes has caused great mistrust and doubt as to the legitimacey of all MCFD work. The objective of child and family protection has been lost here. I will pray for new directors and social workers with heart and conscience to take the lead, to really protect those who need it.

  26. Hi Ron,

    Once again, thanks for keeping us up to date. We are grieving, and fuming, and wishing we had it in our power to fix it - right now. We will be praying on Thursday and then again on Monday and lots in between. Trusting this family will be together for good from March 2011 and on.

    Dan in McB

  27. Look at the photographs of this tiny baby, he's so fragile - he belongs with his MOTHER AND FATHER, not some stranger who works for MCFD and gets paid to look after babies and children that have been wrongfully taken from their rightful parents!

    How could anyone take this baby from his rightful parents?! So cruel.

  28. I forgot to say, a HUGE thank you as well, to Doug Christie! Doug, Your efforts and contribution in this case have meant so much to Paul and Zabeth, and to all of us that have followed this case, and been involved in their lives.

  29. Thank you, Ron, for your very enlightening updates.

    I have been wondering about the role the hospital has played in this latest cruel action. Your statement "Did you know that the hospital pediatrician is a colleague of Margaret Colbourne, who diagnosed SBS in 2007" explains a great deal.

    How can this vulnerable baby, who still depends so much on his parents' love, and his mother's milk, be yanked out of the hospital and sent to live with a stranger. Who could possibly think for a second that this is in the child's "best interest."

    It is frightening and maddening that such a thing could be done, and the collaboration between the hospital and MCFD that must have taken place in order for this to occur.

    It appears we have more than one Charles Smith in our midst in Canada. These medical "professionals" do enormous damage, as we can see from the actions of the hospital working in concert with MCFD.

    What MCFD and those who collaborate with them don't seem to realize is that the more outrageous they get, the more outrage they inspire.

    We will all act within the law in order to effect change, but change we will demand. And the politicians and others will have to listen, because our numbers are growing, exponentially.

  30. Here is the contact information for one of the major sources of funding for hospitals in Vancouver, including Surrey hospital:

    Contact Information
    The Jim Pattison Group
    Suite 1800 - 1067 West Cordova Street
    Vancouver, BC V6C 1C7

    Tel: 604.688.6764
    Fax (General): 604.687.2601
    Fax (Legal): 604.688.6776
    Email: admin@jp-group.com

    Jim Pattison should be very sympathetic to the Baynes' case, since he himself has been the victim of a kidnapping, his daughter being kidnapped shortly before Christmas, 1990. So, Jim Pattison definately knows the torture and heartache.


    It would also be wonderful if Jim Pattison could be persuaded to donate to this very important cause, fighting for families in British Columbia.

    As a self-made billionaire, Pattison is undoubtedly distainful of government waste, and would be, one would think, especially disgusted to learn about the MCFD fiascos over the years.

    Most importantly, the Baynes and other Christians share an important and powerful connection with this man, who could, it is possible, help them, as is suggested from this passage from "The Christian Entrepreneur: Worthy of His Calling?"

    "For example, I interviewed Jim Pattison, a Canadian multibillionaire. He stated, 'I have had a lot of bad moments… There have been low days where I felt I had nowhere to turn. Absolutely, no question, the single most important thing in my life has been my faith.'

    Despite entrepreneurial challenges, the Christian entrepreneur has a cornerstone of values. In short, a benefit to calling can be a tangible foundation and focus for a Christian


    The theory of Six Degrees of Separation says that one of us must know someone who knows Jim Pattison. If we could get his attention and some support, or the support of another Christian entrepreneur, imagine what a difference that might make. Perhaps someone goes to the same church as he does, or has some other way of contacting him?

    One thing is highly probable: Jim Pattison won't have much respect for a government agency that wastes taxpayer money and causes such great harm to families.

  31. "Josiah's tiny 4 pound form had to be stuffed round with filler material for him to be restrained within the car seat straps. Did you know that beforehand his ability to endure the car seat travel mode was tested, for up to an hour and his responses monitored."

    The very fact that they were doing this testing proves that they knew that there was risk involved, otherwise why bother testing. So, why did they have to take this risk? Why? Why was it so imperative to take this (substantial) risk? This is a fragile, underweight newborn baby, yanked away from the parents, the hospital where he should be for at least a few more days, and his mother's milk, which provide important nutrients and immunizing properties.

    Why was it so important that they take this risk? What was the grave danger of leaving him in the hospital?

  32. In Canada's Criminal Code, at §283, the crime of abduction is defined as follows, and carrying a sentence of up to ten years of incarceration:

    "Every one who, being the parent, guardian or person having the lawful care or charge of a person under the age of fourteen years, takes, entices away, conceals, detains, receives or harbours that person, whether or not there is a custody order in relation to that person made by a court anywhere in Canada, with intent to deprive a parent or guardian, or any other person who has the lawful care or charge of that person, of the possession of that person...."

  33. Let me respond to several of you at once because each of you in expressing your disquiet have overstated your case, and inaccurately described the MCFD action. You are entitled to call the MCFD action what you want because you are so mad, but to be precise about the legalities I have to point this out.

    Contrary to your remark, removing Josiah was not kidnapping, not even a wrongful removal. Josiah's removal was not a theft, not kidnapping. Contrary to your insinuation that MCFD didn't have authority, I say it did. An official Act empowers the MCFD to do exactly what it did on Tuesday. You are perfectly in order to say that you feel the action was unnecessary, unwarranted, cruel and possibly harmful. If we want to change the action we must change the Act. Your citation of forcible confinement as applicable to this removal is irrelevant. The action may have been offensive to you, me and the Baynes but it was not an offence and no punishment can be associated legally to what MCFD by authorization of its mandate. What has happened to the Baynes and the children is very personal, but it is not kidnapping or conspiracy but openly done in accordance with authority provided to MCFD. This was not kidnapping, but legal protection. Police won't listen.

    Understand, I am not condoning or supporting MCFD action. I too believe this was unnecessary and I find it offensive.

    We may not like and we should change it so that it works rather than wounds.

  34. I still don't understand how the Act empowers them to take Josiah. Where was the risk of imminent harm, etc.? There has to be a good reason to take a child, especially if there is a risk as there was in taking him in such a fragile state. What passage in the Act empowered MCFD to do this?

  35. The removal of the baby, the fourth child of the family is virtually a consequence of the MCFD concern for the safety of the other three siblings. If MCFD believes that the parents are a risk to their children or cannot safely care for them, that must pertain to all four not merely the three. Therefore it was expected that unless Judge Crabtree ruled before the birth of Josiah or before he left the hospital, the MCFD would act upon him as well. It is the consistency of their position that they are demonstrating. They can hardly do anything else if they are playing by the book rather than using some common sense anointed with compassion.

  36. When horrible injustices like this happen there is NO democracy, no freedom, no legal rights, no decency, no compassion, no common sense and no humanity left.Satan and his earthly organizations have been sent to destroy families.

  37. With this kind of child snatching by authorities and hospitals calling them in on families, parents will now likely think twice before both bringing their children to a hospital and giving birth in a hospital for fear they will be reported to the Big Brother Police State authorities!They will instead be driven underground and isolation due to fear.


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