Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Request

Please send Zabeth a Mother's Day greeting in a comment here, thanks.


  1. May your heart be strong and peaceful this Mother's Day. You are mothering your sweet children well. Your prayers for them, even when they are not by your side, have extraordinary, eternal impact. Press on in your courageous love for them!
    Praying for you,
    Julie (mom to 14)

  2. Happy Mother's Day to a shining example of a wonderful Mother.

  3. Happy Mother's day Zabeth!
    McBride is still praying.
    Love, Dan & Marilyn Carlaw

  4. Zabeth,
    You are a lovely, beautiful woman inside and out. Your children are blessed to have you as their mother, because you are irreplaceable, immovable in God's strength, and your love for your children shines through. God bless you for your faithfulness and love. Proverbs 3.

  5. Zabeth:

    I have not met you personally, I am Rosie's sister. I know this message come late in the day but I just opened my email and read Ron's blog which I do each day.
    Today would have been very special for you and Paul to spend time with your children. Yes, you are an AMAZING MOTHER.
    We will all continue to pray each and every day. May God be in the hearts of those who will make the final decision on reuniting your family. This will be a glorious day.
    God Bless You All
    Love Ksienia

  6. Happy Mother's Day indeed! My best wishes and accolades for the example you are setting of faith, perserverance and composure that inspires to all of us reading these daily blogs.

    One day these three children will grow up and discover the magnitude of the struggle by their parents to save them from the government.

    A Dad.

  7. Hi Zabeth...

    I'm glad that you enjoyed your Mother's Day time with your little ones. I thought of you today as we celebrated with our girls and was so much more thankful for what I have knowing how things are for you and Paul...but sorrowful for you at the same time. I'm looking forward to rejoicing with you both when your children are finally returned to you and this nightmare ends! I'm so glad that you have the support of so many as you walk thru this terrible time. take care.


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