Saturday, May 22, 2010

A LETTER TO ALL OF US FROM GRANDMA / Part 197 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne/

Diane Kristensen is Zabeth Bayne's mother, and the grandmother of Zabeth's three children. In case we forget, the two and one half years that these children have been in Ministry care with limited visitation opportunity for family, has profoundly affected the extended family. Another impactful factor is reading less than flattering comments about the people to whom she is close and whom she knows well. She wrote a letter to me asking that it be included as one of the many on site comments. I felt it deserved to be read as my post today.
"I am Kent's, Baden's and Bethany Bayne's Grandmother.  I have witnessed first hand the joy and excitement of their parents, as they waited and prepared for each one of them before their joyful arrival into this world.  They were treasured and loved from their very beginning.  They were born prematurely each having special concerns.  Their Daddy and Mommy provided for them in every way, with joy and dedication.
       Baden was particularly premature.  But, with selfless care and concern his parents spent three months in the Hospital with him as he matured.
       The children were always fed.  Organic foods were fed them whenever possible.  They always received extra vitamins and minerals according to their ages.  Even today at the visitation Zabeth continues to give them vitamin D drops and fruit and vegetable chewables.  A loving mothers care.  Zabeth baked her own bread, so as to eliminate undesirable additives.
       They were always dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.  While in care this has not always been the case.  At times this has been a great concern for the whole family.
       Their home was filled with piano music, which the little ones enjoyed so much.  Plus, throughout the week several piano students would arrive for their weekly lessons from Zabeth.  They showed interest in the children, and the children were happy to see them.
       The family enjoyed being outdoors in nature together.  We have albums of happy pictures for all to enjoy.  Pictures at the lake picnicking, by the river throwing rocks, at the zoo enjoying the animals, walking on the nature trails ,and playing in the play grounds, etc. etc.
       They spent time in the library twice a week as a family.   They were taught to enjoy and take care of books.
       The parents planned a future for them in music and sports to enjoy.  They taught their children spiritual truths from the Scriptures and instilled in them right from wrong.
       Each child had and still has their own bedroom, at their home with their Daddy and Mommy.  They are filled with so many delightful toys.  Their parents provided them with their own puppy.  At the present time they have  two little bunnies waiting for them at home.  They have named their bunnies, and have played with them at their Birthday celebration and visitation, until we were no longer allowed to bring them.
       Paul and Zabeth and Kent and Baden lived with us in our basement suite so as to save their money, to purchase their first home, which they were able to do.  During this wonderful close family time we never witnessed any abuse.  They have only showed love and concern for their family.  I took advantage of them living with us and enjoyed sewing clothes, and stuffy toys for my precious Grandchildren.
       Due to Baden's prematurity Zabeth had him enrolled in several special classes.  I personally met some of these Child Development workers,  as they came to our home and worked with Baden.  Paul and Zabeth worked with Baden during the week with all that was suggested to them by Infant Development.
       Due to the unfortunate accident in their home where the middle child bumped heads with the baby, the parents sought help from five different Hospital Doctors.  Each of these professionals had a different opinion, making it impossible for immediate and accurate treatment.  Their delay caused increased challenges.
       Please note that the children are on the slender side by heritage.  The family is not obese.  The children after being in Social Service care for almost three years and under emotional and mental stress, have lost weight and now merely maintain their weight, as they grow in height.  They are not gaining normally.  They came from a home with so much love, and have been torn from one house to another, not understanding why they have been taken away from Daddy and Mommy and their Grandparents.
       Anyone who says negative things about this wonderful little family is not willing to find truth.  But, rather guesses and forms unsubstantiated opinions.  I pity you, and those to whom you listen."

photo 1 is Zabeth and the three children during a visitation
photo 2 is Paul reading a story with his two sons


  1. If anything on this blog is to be censored, I beleive it should be the horribly defamatory statements regarding the Bayne children (e.g., whoever wrote the comments regarding the children supposedly looking undernourished, etc.). It must be terribly difficult for family and friends to read these comments, and I can see why the children's grandmother is writiing this letter.

    This letter from the grandmother shows once again the heartbreaking consequence of wrongful removal of children from their loving families. Justice delayed is justice denied. And justice has been denied and delayed in this case.

  2. I wish this crystal clear, fully on facts and personal experience based testimony, serves as the Exhibit for judge Crabtree to be deservedly considered. GOOD LUCK!!!


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