Friday, May 7, 2010

THE CHILDREN ARE THE AWARD / Part 183 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne/

Here is a revelation.

The people on both sides of this Bayne Custodial Hearing are good people.

Each time a critical remark about a Ministry employee is read or heard from a journalist, from a television news bite or a blog like this one, not only the employee but those who are close to that person take offense. They become protective. They know the individual and they feel the criticism to be groundless. They are after all, good people doing their jobs. Honest jobs. Providing care and resources to children, parents and families.

I know how it is. “How dare they criticize us for discharging our responsibilities as well as we can?” That is the mantra of insulted people.

Each time a loved one or a friend of Paul and Zabeth listen to another allegation of liability laid against them, or an assessment statement that questions their integrity, truthfulness or parental capability, we are similarly offended. We want to protect them from further injury. We want them to have their lives back. We want them to be out from under the scrutiny and control of Ministry employees because Paul and Zabeth are good people whose lives were interrupted not merely by tragedy but by the good people with good intentions who operated with misinformation.

I hear how it is. “How can the Ministry be so cruel and unfeeling?” Oh there is much more that is said by the sympathizers. It is not merely a mantra but a war cry. More is at stake on this side. It is not merely professional reputation within a Ministry but a FAMILY Survival that is at stake.

Here we have it, the Bayne Campaign for Justice pitted against the Ministry of Children - Fraser Region. How could good people come to this contentious intersection when three little children become the award for winning a Court Ruling?

Good people should engage in discussion and resolution, but if one side demands the return of children, not wrongfully seized but certainly unjustifiably retained, and the other imposes the condition of a confession of guilt to shaking one of those children, the impasse is inevitable and irrevocable. A Court Judge will have to determine which set of good people warrant the award because they are associated more fundamentally with what is true. May God have mercy on us!


  1. Thanks Ron for those words! I believe that the Baynes have been wronged but have also been saddened by the Christians who lash out at the ministry. Are we not saved by grace? Are we so perfect? The ministry has done wrong, but they are people that God loves just as much as he loves me! They are trying to do their jobs and have convinced themselves that they are doing right. How many times do we justify the mistakes we make in our own lives!

    We as Christians need to stand together in love and not point accusing fingers, but rather pray that God's justice would be served in his time and in his way! And try to love our enemies as he also loves us!

  2. I think,this issue is not an issue of faith and grace.It is about someone's family.The children who lose their parents are wounded for life.The damage is already there.But,if there is NO PROOF
    of abuse,the children should be returned.

    The way the system that if the Social worker likes you...ANYTHING can be done and if lose your kids.Judge's decision is always based on recommendation from the Social worker.So,there is much room for error there.They are human.

    Other thing is,there must be proof.Medical proof.And legally they should not be able to do much...without...unless the Social worker declares the parents unfit.Which again is based on personal opinion.

    If the parents show upset feelings or any sign of frustfration outwardly,they are considered not coping too well and it goes against them.

    So,there is much against the parents,simply because the system works that way.I have worked in the system long I know.

    There is reason for concern and reason to pray.


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