Friday, May 7, 2010


A brief note now - more later
Judge Crabtree gave his ruling today.
We are disappointed. The application for the immediate return of the two boys was denied.
Justice Crabtree took time to give background history, arguments from both counsels, Christie and Jensen, and then laid out his reasons for the decision at which he had arrived.
He deemed that a ruling to award the children to the Baynes now when the case is not completed, would be an error of law, and could be perceived as a bias toward the Baynes. I got the distinct impression that the Judge was being fair and very careful lest a decision now would become fuel for a Ministry appeal later.
Paul and Zabeth were stoic and very controlled and able to meet in conversation with friends following the hearing. They are looking forward to the two hours with their children on Mother's Day.


  1. Thanks for the update, Ron. Disappointing, yes. I am sorry that family reunification will have to wait, and wait. Praying for you, Paul and Zabeth.

  2. Wondering and pondering....why did the judge proceed with this hearing today if this is the case. Puzzling......

  3. How awful, I was separated from my mum and dad when 8 till 11.....that traumatised me....
    Don`t forget, these CPS people, will have their day in court, in defence of their satanic actions.
    The will be fighting for their `lives` God is their judge!


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