Saturday, February 27, 2010

For Love and For Justice / Part 123 / Zabeth and Paul Bayne


Proceedings were interrupted as counsel for MCFD, Mr. Finn Jensen received news and then asked the Defense and the Court to agree to an adjournment for the day because of a grave tragedy, the sudden death of one of Mr. Jensen’s clients. He desired to make himself available to tend the needs of the family of the deceased.

Some GPS readers may be familiar with this grieving family as you read this note. Paul and Zabeth Bayne wish to express their own deepest sympathy for the family’s loss and pain at this time of heartbreak. They say, “Our prayer and thoughts are with you.”
Kimberly Grey was called back to the stand regarding a disclosure item that she had to produce. The Baynes had expressed some concern to the Ministry about their two sons during care at one of the homes to which they were assigned. It was Ms. Grey’s responsibility to investigate this. She did visit the home, but was unable to interview the person directly named by their son and she was satisfied by information received from another person at the home. Ms. Grey made no further attempts to investigate the concern or to verify the information received. and noted in her completed file that she considered the matter closed. That was the end of that matter on Friday.

Loren Humeny was also brought to the stand in order to produce the document he received from a now disclosed collateral (formerly anonymous witness). The disclosed document had been addressed personally to Paul and Zabeth Bayne and was among documents they intended to send to MCFD. Loren Humeny claimed he received this document on a date that would appear to be two to three days prior to the Baynes trying to submit it to the Ministry. Nothing more is known or can be said about this now and the defense has not closed this matter.

Friday concluded with no dates set for continuation of this trial. Both sides wait for the Judicial Case Manager to contact the lawyers with a date for a conference with Judge Crabtree in order to select further trail dates. They may require two more weeks for further evidence presentation. It is the defence (Baynes) turn to present. This blog will notify readers of dates when they are certain.

A special thank you to everyone that has been able to attend the hearing dates so far. Your presence has been a much appreciated support during this trying time.

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  1. I know of no public news source reporting this death and prefer not to speculate as to the nature of the death, without confirmation.


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