Monday, February 15, 2010

For Love and For Justice / Part 112 / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

I will get back to reporting the trial soon.

Karen and Clint Langelaar are just two of the interested bloggers and writers across North America who maintain interest in Paul and Zabeth Bayne's ongoing fight to recover their children from the efforts of the B.C. Ministry of Children and Family Development to have permanent custody of their three children and then to adopt them out to new parents.

On their newsy family blog site called 'Local Pond' they periodically reference the Bayne case for their readers. Here was an entry from their January postings.

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Bayne Trial

Please be in prayer for the Bayne trial which began Wednesday today and ends sometime in February. It is set to last 16 days. May this be the process by which Paul and Zabeth’s three children are returned home where they belong, and where their names are forever cleared of wrongdoing to their children.

More information can be found at Ron Unruh’s blog here.

As well, there is a new website about the Baynes here. I encourage you to read the “Mother’s Statement,” written by Zabeth detailing the emotional abuses, hardships, and pain their family has suffered through the last 2 years. NO children and NO family should have to go through what they have gone through.

I also encourage you to consider making a donation to assist the family with the colossal legal expenses. Cheques can be written to Lau, Chiu, Hunt in trust for Bayne and mailed to:

Bayne Trust, 9406 Pauleshin Cres, Richmond, BC V7E 6P2

Posted by Karen / Clint at 9:35 AM


  1. i have read the mothers statement and watched the cbc report, how come you dont play the global report on this case?

  2. It has been mentioned and linked on previous posts.


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