Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Love and For Justice / Part 108 / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

Paul and Zabeth Do Not Fit the Profile

When a child is injured and medical professionals believe that abuse has occurred, here are the customary indicators of a parent or parents who are abusing their child or children. I will list them and then in italics comment with regard to the Baynes because not one of the indicators points a finger at either of the Baynes.

Indicators of Abusive Parents:
~Seems unconcerned about the child; The Baynes were immediately concerned and have been ever since.
~Takes an unusual amount of time to seek medical care for the child; Paul and Zabeth took Bethany Bayne to several local hospitals each of which failed to properly diagnose her symptoms and finally Children's Hospital did a CT scan and subsequently made the tragic decision this was abuse.
~Offers inadequate or inappropriate explanations for child's injuries; The Baynes did not know what caused their daughter to become gradually more ill but if a trauma produced it they could recall an incident when one child fell on the baby. They told this story from the beginning but it was not believed by child protection people.
~Gives different explanations for the same injury; The Baynes maintained their story with medical and MCFD and RCMP interrogators and have stuck to their story now for two years and three months. That is not unusual for honest and innocent people.
~Misuses drugs or alcohol; Even MCFD says there is not concern about this with the Baynes.
~Disciplines the child too harshly for a mistake or for the child's age; There is no verifiable evidence of this.
~Sees the child as evil or bad; Not a chance! The Baynes love these children as gifts from God.
~Has a history of abuse; They do not!
~Attempts to conceal the child's injuries; MCFD might argue this but the Baynes were diligent about taking their children for scheduled examinations and treatments.
~Takes the child to a new doctor for each injury; Baynes had a family doctor who was consistently supportive of them.
~Has an unorganized, upsetting home life; They maintained a clean, neat, and well organized home and schedule.
~Is apathetic, feels that nothing will ever change; Both Paul and Zabeth are convinced their lives are in God's hands and are not at all apathetic. Through two years of this 'hell' they have grieved but been optimistic and full of faith.
~Is isolated from friends, family, relatives, neighbors; They have an army of friends, both intimate and casual. Dysfunction with specific family members or friends can be traceable to causes out of either Paul's or Zabeth's hands.
~Has long-term, chronic illness; Paul suffered a blow to the head at a steel plant. While it took months to heal the injury, he has not felt any effects from this injury since Jan 2006.
~Cannot be found; Not relevant. They are in the public eye, in the media and too public for the MCFD's liking. They have been in MCFD's face and it is MCFD who cannot be found for response to the Bayne concerns.
~Has a history of neglect; Not relevant. Their children have been withheld from them for over two years and during that time they have visited the children weekly for around 400 times, have not missed a visit, not been late and have asked for more visitation time.
~Role reversal with the child; blurred boundaries; Not relevant. MCFD stole two years and three months from this family's developing relationships.
~Very protective, jealous, controlling; How could they be when the children have been removed from them for two years and three months? No one would describe efforts to recover one's children, as controlling.
~Encourages child to participate in prostitution, sexual acts in the presence of the caregiver; Not relevant.
~History of sexual abuse; Not relevant.
~Low self-esteem, poor self-image; Both are well adjusted, outgoing and competent.
~Incapacitated mother; Not relevant. Zabeth is an eloquent, educated, organized, determined, responsible and compassionate woman.
~Makes harsh and/or destructive responses to the child's requests; Not relevant.
~Threatens or terrorizes the child; Not relevant
~Believes that the child entices his/her own poor treatment; Not relevant
~Treats children in the family unequally; Not relevant
~Doesn't seem to care much for the child's problems; Untrue. Even following the shaken baby allegation, when the Baynes stumbled upon internal MCFD medical memoranda concerning Glutaric Aciduria being the cause of the symptoms for which SBS had been diagnosed, they appealed for her to be further tested and treated for this, but MCFD has not complied.
~Blames or belittles the child; Untrue
~Is cold and rejecting; The Baynes love and cuddle their children every chance they have and they always did.
~Withholds love; Not true
~Has unrealistic expectations; Not relevant
~May not have age appropriate expectations of the child; Not relevant
~Jealous; Untrue
~Poor impulse control; Untrue. They have demonstrated a remarkable control when faced with false accusations and slander.
~Marital problems; Untrue
~Psychotic or psychopathic; Not relevant
~Emotionally immature and impulsive. Untrue


  1. Many of the supposed indicators of abuse (above) are so subjective that they themselves are subject to abuse in the hands of an incompetent professional.

    These parents are obviously good, loving, kind parents. Their children have suffered horrible abuse, but not at the hands of the parents, but rather the state. Return the children now.

  2. When my child was abused at a supervised visit by the "visit supervisor", nothing was done and the Supervisors refused to meet to resolve the problem.This same person went on to join MCFD as a full member with no reprimands on her file. So, the only conclusion is that MCFD endorses abuse as long as it's done by others than the parents. I wish I was making this up, but I'm not.

  3. I just read a case where a child was removed from her family because she was allegedly acting sexual (pretty subjective, hey?). She was then given to a family where the father made pornography out of photos with her in the nude. This child abuse (of a child that was supposedly being abused and therefore just had to be removed by MCFD) was only discovered or exposed because the RCMP discovered, indirectly through another case they were investigating, that the adoptive father was involved in pornography. She was five years old.

    Something is very wrong with MCFD; it's as if there is an element of organized crime operating within this ministry. And there have been news stories lately that reinforce this - such as the story about the MCFD employee who remained on the job for seven months after police searched his Victoria home and discovered the personal information of 1,400 income-assistance clients.

  4. You are just searching for wrongs. There are many bad people in the world, teachers, Doctors, lawyers, social workers, youth leaders, pastors, ministers, aunts, uncles and parents etc. But you know what? There are MORE good people out there. And yeah you got it figured Einstein, MCFD is most definately involved in organized crime.
    Well, if nothing else you are quite amusing!

  5. I am searching for answers as to why a good, loving, able family such as the Baynes can get ripped apart via such blatantly undemocratic means, such as anonymous accusers. I have absolute proof (as does anyone who has access to libraries or the Internet) that criminal activity has been found in the MCFD. Do you want me to elaborate on these news articles that anyone can find? Because I would be pleased to do so.

    And I think I have the right to tell the truth, to help support this family and these children - who have suffered so much. You can sarcastically call me "Einstein," but that will never stop me or others from searching for justice for these parents and children. Imagine how it must feel to be ripped from your family, the safety and security of your home, and then only get to visit them under the watchful eye of a social worker who is taking notes, for only a few hours a week. Imagine how it feels to be forced into a cold shower by a strange adult (your new foster "parent") - when you are just a little boy - simply because you didn't finish your dinner. And never mind all the unexplained bruises and so on. And there are many more children, all over BC, and all over the world, who have been ripped from good, loving parents, simply on the say-so of social workers who are permitted to use hearsay "evidence," and the accusations of anonymous callers.

    You don't need to be Einstein to realize that there is something very, very wrong with "Child Protective Services."


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