Saturday, January 30, 2010

For Love and For Justice / Part 96 / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

"For Love and for Justice" was the title given to a piano duo Fund-Raising Concert held early in January 2010 on Vimeo.

That explains the invitation at the start and close of the brief video.
While the concert is history, Bethany's story is ongoing. She was 6 weeks old when she was taken from Zabeth and Paul. She is now a toddler and is two years and three months of age. She has lived with people other than her parents almost all of her short life. She sees Paul and Zabeth on two afternoons each week because they are always there. They can hardly wait to see her and hold her each visitation day.

Too many people in elected positions and positions of authority and influence have found it easy to ignore one family's agony, ignoring the horror of this assault against Canadian personal freedom. Too many in administrative positions ignore the errors in judgement of others working within the system. It is convenient to say, "No comment." "I can't comment on this case at this time." "It is before the court at the moment and I am not permitted to talk about this case."

But after this is over, will you talk then? Will you seek to redesign the governing procedures and practices? The Bayne family is not the only one that is being abused by a rush to suspicion and judgement with an absence of mercy. That is what makes the outcome of their case so crucial. What this court case will expose over the next several weeks will open the door yet again to a full scale inquiry into the child protection program of this province. That's not a bad thing but rather a necessary and good thing.

I have the permission of Paul and Zabeth Bayne to use their names and the names of their three children on any of the postings I make at this blog site. They have no desire or intention of hiding any of the details of this case.

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