Saturday, January 9, 2010

For Love and For Justice / Part 83 / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

January 9, 2009 The Countdown is on - Four Days before Court


It’s easy for grumblers to snipe. I am not uncomplimentary. I work hard in my blog pieces to be fair and to do that one must tell the truth. I am sure that people who are employed within the system operated by the Ministry of Children and Family Development do not want to acknowledge what I will now communicate. It is prickly to face the truth about something in which you invest solid and sincere effort. What I write is not simply the way I see it. It is the way things are, and that is the reason why innocent parents climb an Everest challenge to recover children that were taken away from them by this Ministry.

The Government Ministry can take away our children.

A social worker’s affidavit is enough to get this ball rolling.
A report is filed and an initial court order is secured and the children are removed. Gone! That initial order is granted relatively quickly because we, our society, our courts, our levels of government are understandably committed to protecting children. Any suspicion of abuse must be immediately investigated while providing security to the potential victims. At the initial court appearance the parents have no opportunity to challenge the report. A challenge requires a formal court hearing and court time may be available only many months later - or years! A challenge requires legal representation and that necessitates more money than anyone budgets.

Paul and Zabeth Bayne have not had their day in court yet and it has been two years and two months since their children were first removed from their home. Those children have remained in government care solely on the strength of the initial report and that interim order. No evidence has been introduced to a court hearing to justify this extended custody. I want you to comprehend this. During this lengthy ‘interim’ period the government has had authority and entire control over three Bayne children and Paul and Zabeth have no parental rights whatever to determine daily care of those children. Someone else makes every one of those life shaping decisions with minimal court involvement.

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