Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For Love and For Justice / Part 93 / Zabeth and Paul Bayne

This is a family of five. It is not the Bayne family. It is however, the way the Baynes dream of living, hand in hand, happy, together, walking away from a nightmare.

Paul and Zabeth are road warriors already. After all it has been two years and three months that they have been deprived of their children. You read that length of time correctly. Their youngest child, Bethany was two months old when she was removed from her home and from her parents' custody and care. That inordinate length of time will factor surely into the case their attorney makes against B.C.'s Ministry of Children and Family Development. Some within the Ministry assume a level of authority beyond even the seeming excessive power that has been granted to the Ministry in order to protect children. It will be shown that the Ministry has strided far past its generous permissions in its hard treatment of the Baynes.

Paul and Zabeth have steeled themselves to the indignities they suffer on a weekly basis so that they will not jeopardize the little amount of time that they are permitted to have with their own children. They have to be so careful. Their time with the children, three hours on each of two afternoons per week, is closely scrutinized. This scrutiny comes from the person who drives the vehicle that transports the children. This driver is not a Ministry employee but works for an independent company which is contracted by the Ministry. The driver makes notes throughout the three hours while watching the five Baynes play, pray, sing, laugh, embrace. The driver has been carefully instructed to record conduct and behaviour of parents with children, attitude, comments made. These notes will be provided to the Ministry for their file on these parents. This driver employee polices the Bayne parents by censuring harmless actions or activities under threat that non compliance will result in removal of visitation privilege.

An example occurred this past week and the Baynes have sent a letter of complaint to Kimberly Grey MCF/EX. They wrote, "We have just left the visitation with our children and while we were saying goodbye our children made a hand sign at us again, which we returned. The driver (not named here) quickly stated "no, if you do that the visits will be stopped." There have been numerous other unwarranted and unnecessary restrictions imposed upon the Baynes over many months. During the first days of this court case MCFD employee Berhe Gulbot was questioned by Bayne lawyer Doug Christie with regard to these restrictions. Berhe Gulbot agreed in cross examination that these were not Ministry policy and that they would be unreasonable. The Baynes wrote in this written letter, "If these restrictions are a direct instruction from the Ministry I then request that you submit a list to us to refer to, but if Berhe Gulbot's testimony on cross examination was correct then these restrictions are not Ministry policy and are unreasonable and therefore we should not consider them a threat to the continuation of our visitations." BRAVO!

This court case is active. Court sessions have been scheduled allowing for breaks. The next series of Court Days are scheduled for February 2-5 at the Chilliwack Court House.

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