Friday, September 13, 2013


In view of Ray Ferris' attention to a specific case in previous posts here, and given the example of Justice Paul W. Walker's displeasure with social workers' inadequate case management, perhaps other judges will also conclude that MCFD exercises a mandate that is at times unrestrained and unchallenged.

In this video clip depicting the decision of a Kentucky judge sentencing a social worker to 5 years of hard time because she filed false reports concerning children, parents and families, there is a powerful implication that immunity cannot be assumed by social workers performing their work with incompetence or carelessness.

Here, the misdemeanour was dishonesty that put children at risk by leaving them within abusive homes or parental custody.

I am confident that unless British Columbia social workers become more eager to return children who have been removed unnecessarily or at least retained for unreasonably long times, they too will at some point in the near future find themselves facing charges and jail time and compensatory penalties. Public awareness reaches judges as well.

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