Thursday, September 19, 2013


A letter from Ray Ferris - Written to the Times Colonist  

Ray Ferris is a retired child-protection worker and the author ofThe Art of Child Protection.

"You report another child welfare horror story. Such professional incompetence is entrenched and institutionalized in British Columbia and many other child welfare jurisdictions. The Internet is rife with horror stories. Ian Mulgrew of the Vancouver Sun recently covered a case that cost an estimated two to three million dollars before the children’s ministry withdrew from the case and returned the children to the mother. Anyone can read the scathing judgement here.

This shows that the blundering of front line staff was backed up right to the deputy minister. The legal firm dropped a lot money defending the mother. Now she is suing the ministry for megabucks in costs. The MCF can take your children on any pretext and if you want to fight it, the legal fees start at $100,000 and can go anywhere up to $500,00 if you want to have any hope of getting your kids back. Not only that, the law allows the ministry (MCFD) to drop the case any time they like and no questions asked."

From Ray Ferris / 4124 Longview Drive. Victoria B.C. V8N 2K7 / Phone and fax 250 477 5723

Ray’s opinions have been published by Time Colonist before; Examples:

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