Monday, September 30, 2013


Dear Amie, Derek, advocacy colleagues and friends,
I will stay tuned to learn that Ayn has been returned home. I applaud those of you who have already made supportive inputs to the Van Dyk/Hoare cause.  Do keep up your good work. For personal reasons I myself am withdrawing as an active participant. I believe the case is resolving gradually. Ayn belongs with her family.

This announcement means that for the foreseeable future I will not be using the GPS blog to speak to Ministry of Children and Family Development issues. I am satisfied that from 2009-2013 it was useful in making the public aware and in alerting officials to genuine concerns about case management, specifically with respect to Zabeth and Paul Bayne and their four children who were separated from one another for four years, 2007-2011, and latterly Amie Van Dyk and Derek Hoare whose autistic daughter Ayn, has been removed from them and her two brothers since June 2011. Her case has been well documented over the past two years on this blog site. I believe that MCFD will within months return Ayn to her family.

Thank you for following the stories here. Come back. Other stories will come up.

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