Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It was in front of the Art Gallery on Robson St. this past Monday August 6th. A significant public expression of concern and protest was made in downtown Vancouver.  In attendance were some of the courageous people who also attended the Evidence Based Medicine and Social Investigation Conferenceonference and whom it was my privilege to meet. Some of them came from other provinces to listen and to speak. Their own lives have been impacted negatively by the intervention of child protection services that has mistaken its mandate. Children have been withheld from parents, been permanently removed and adopted to other families, or have even died while within CPS care. Each story is heart-wrenching. The video is placed here with appreciation to Papa INBC, a profound critic of B.C. Ministry of Children and an encouraging ally of insulted parents.

2012 Summer Rally - Vancouver - tap this link for the video

In the video you will also see Derek Hoare, daddy of Ayn Van Dyk, the autistic child being held currently by the Ministry of Children in B.C. Good for him. He is a capable father, a responsible man, who has a commendable reputation among good people who know him. Child Protective Services needs to take the action that is reasonable now. Rather than associating admission of error or mistake, MCFD must give the child back now, if only for the best interest of the child. It's the right thing to do.

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