Friday, August 3, 2012


The 2nd Annual Evidence-Based Medicine & Social Investigation Conference begins this morning. This is a two-day conference.

The topics of presentations are attractive. This morning at 9:30 AM Mark Freeman speaks on ‘The Civil Rights of Parents Accused of Abusing Their Children.’ At 11:00 AM Sue Luttner will address the subject of ‘It’s All in the Timing: A Quick History of the SBS Literature’, SBS referring to Shaken Baby Syndrome. The latter condition being the diagnosis applied to the infant child of Paul and Zabeth Bayne back in September 2007. SBS has conventionally been applied to all cases in which a triad of distinguishable medical factors were present. It has by virtue of its name implied instantly the commission of an act of violence by someone in whose care the child has resided directly prior to the factors becoming apparent. The diagnosis has resulted in charges laid, convictions and incarcerations of many people in Canada and the United States and other countries. I mention the Baynes because this conference is the result of their commitment to justice not only in their own case but for the countless numbers of cases of families interrupted by a wrong diagnosis or accusation. Their research and their contact with experts in various medical and scientific fields led to the first conference last year. In their own case, due to insufficient evidence, charges were dropped soon after their children were seized in 2007 yet they labored devotedly and honourably for four years to restore their family. Last August 2011 their four children were returned to them following a judge’s ruling that discarded the SBS opinion. The Baynes’ motivation for this ambitious conference is distinct from laying blame or pointing fingers but rather to providing medical professionals, parents and the general public with information that can assist the delivery of evidence-based medical work and judicious counsel. In addition to the public presentations, appointments can be scheduled for private consultations with these presenters. Conference information including schedule, costs and speakers bios is available on the Conference website. The Baynes have also for the past several years compiled the data to be found on another fact-filled and powerful aid to justice and medical information, the website called Medical Misdiagnosis Research.

For anyone still wanting to show up during the next two days, it is located here:
Pacific Life Bible College
tap address to view the map

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