Saturday, August 4, 2012


I will let a colleague advocate speak for many of us who attended the first day of the Evidence-Based Medicine & Social Investigation Conference since he had already posted a comment in the public forum of Facebook. Papa Inc is the acronym by which this spokesperson is known to online readers. Papa Inc stands for People Assisting Parents Association. 

The remark was this ... "Investigation conference has completed with four very inspiring speakers: Sue Luttner (Writer and SBS researcher)Velvet Martin (Samantha's Law in Alberta) and Linda Plourde (Protecting Canadian Children), Dr. Patrick Barnes (Medical Imaging Brain Injuries) Dr. John Lloyd (Biomechanics debunks SBS).
Velvet Martin with picture of daughter Samantha

I'm impressed, and there is still one day 

and five more presenters to go. These are highly qualified, talented professionals who were very well prepared, and confident in their message. Those of us fighting those who would harm at take our children should take heart in the knowledge there are people with remarkable communication skills and talent, right here alongside us doing their part, using their time, talent and money to contribute.

Dr. Patrick Barnes
I want to express my appreciation and thanks for their contributions. This includes Paul and Zabeth Baynes who continue to pull out all stops to bring us this great conference, now, a second year in a row!"

* You can read Velvet Martin's story about her daughter Samantha at my Blog site at this title, 'SAMANTHA LAUREN MARTIN - COURT RESUMES TODAY." It's only part of the story and this entry was written March 18, 2011.


  1. This is a very interesting presentation by Brian Gerrish - Child Stealing by the State ( )

    This presentation was in the UK. However this seems to be happening in a number of countries. Definitely not just a local problem.

  2. Thank you for your comment and the link


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