Monday, August 20, 2012


I am delighted to have visited Derek Hoare today and spent a couple of hours in discussion with him about this social and bureaucratic dilemma in which he and his family have been plunged. His two sons were a treat to meet. Wyatt is courteous, intelligent, conversant and pleasant to be with. Lyric is, well, lyrical with occasional high-pitched voice, enjoyable energy, warm to his father’s hands-on touches, comfortable to be with. His autism manifests softly, differently from his sister Ayn’s more aggressive behavior.  Wyatt listened to our conversation, fully apprised of his father’s ongoing efforts to have his daughter Ayn returned to him. Wyatt will occasionally offer a comment appropriate to the moment. With the resources and assistance that the government can agree to provide I am convinced that not only can this dad care for Ayn better than anyone else on this globe but I am also certain that she should no longer be in foster care under the supervision of the Ministry of Children (MCFD).

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