Thursday, March 29, 2012


As I and others have noted before, Monday April 2nd is observed as World Autism Awareness Day.

I live in Cloverdale for one more night, tonight. Tomorrow our contracted moving company will arrive to load what we intend to take to our next home. I have enjoyed Cloverdale. I would have stayed in the town if we had found a suitable place. I am particularly pleased with the student and staff of George Greenway School.

Julie Macabee is a mom whose son is in grade 2. He is one of 67 million people in the world who are affected by the autism spectrum. One out of 110 children is diagnosed with autism. If they are to develop skills and have an opportunity to lead productive and full lives, then they require many people within communities to assist them.

To affect this level of support, people have chosen to demonstrate their support for this special day of recognition by wearing something blue or by wearing the Autism puzzle ribbon. People using ‘blue’ hope others will ask for an explanation. The ribbon shows a puzzle image that reflects the mystery as well as the complexity of this condition. It displays as well the multiplicity of people and families who live with this disorder. So Julie made an appeal to her school to take an interest in this effort and to her delight, students and staff have chosen to become actively involved. They will be wearing blue and will also be holding a walk for autism.

Julie’s home will be adorned with strings of blue lights and blue spotlights that broadcasts an awareness about autism. At the heart of such awareness initiatives is the objective of supporting inclusion of people with autism in schools, workplaces, and in communities.

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