Wednesday, March 28, 2012


A commenter left a note to me at the conclusion of my last post entry and I am responding here.
My post above was my explanation for concluding my current retelling of the Ayn Van Dyk story. It remains a relevant story. As I have stated before, in the early weeks of this seizure and apprehension of a child, Ayn’s father Derek was readily available to talk with numerous television, radio and online or hard copy journalists. His love for his daughter and his outrage at the Ministry’s conceited approach to his daughter’s best interests caught the attention of thousands of people and with that public detailing of his family’s story there was both sympathy and relevant information. The information supply has dried up because Derek himself has become silent. There is no explanation and we are left to surmise the cause for his diminished communication. Such conjecture is untrustworthy.  As a father and a grandfather and as a citizen and a lover of freedom I am  infuriated by the way this Ministry of Children has managed this child and her parents. Nevertheless, I have no current information about the status of the case from which I can produce my blog work.

That explanation does not mean I cannot or will not speak to the weaknesses and failings of the child protection systems of this province and country. I have personal reasons why at this present time, I have refrained from the discipline of writing.

I am familiar with Josef Fisher and his story to which you allude. We have corresponded in the past. His life and his family has been affected forever because of its involvement with the Ministry of Children in BC. I am sympathetic to his pain and loss. I have written about him before. Here are two of those entries.

Jan 04, 2011
Josef Fisher has sometimes written comments on this blog site. At times I have taken exception to his angry writing. Recently, Josef requested that someone convert thousands of words from his sometimes incoherent English ...
Jan 06, 2011
The story of Josef Fisher is a tragic one and one once more goes to show the power imbalance between ministry and parent, or ministry and foster parent. When you put that power into the hands of functionaries whose minds ...
I have a sense that the writer of the comment at the conclusion of my last post is you Josef Fisher. I trust that you are doing well and that a semblance of happiness has returned to your life. I wish you well.


  1. It is cruel and inhuman what they did to Josef and his family(and to countless other innocent victims).Their motto should be "Search, seize, destroy." They have broken and destroyed families to such an extent that they will never heal.Their lives will never be the same, a brokenness that can never be fixed, a hurt so deep they will never heal.

  2. Good evening Ron! All my sometimes incoherent comments have been signed, always. I promote my case because of massive and irrefutable evidence of many intentional and grossly illegal acts committed against my family. I believe that some fresh victims of the Ministry may really learn that everything they will do and say will be used against them and count with it when fighting for their children's rights and lives. After all, not many fathers were repeatedly imprisoned in max. sec. prisons and psychiatric institutions exclusively for reporting these crimes and seeking help , despite repeated and repeatedly broken court orders to cease and desist. I am very grateful for all your very useful work and of course also for many readers' expressions of sympathy. GOOD LUCK!!!

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  4. Thanks for writing Josef,
    I trust that you are getting on as well as you possibly can given the memories and the heartaches that you carry with you always.


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