Monday, January 23, 2012


Today Ayn’s parents, Derek and Amie attended the long anticipated Case Conference.
They and all of their family’s supporters, now numbering in the thousands, were hoping that MCFD would come to this Conference with the intention of at the very least, a graduated return of Ayn to her family and home.

That is not what happened.
When the day began, Derek spread this early morning word. “Well I have been waiting what seems like an eternity for this day. The case conference is set to begin at 10:45, I don't feel nervous or worried, rather eerily calm and an odd optimism. I think this will likely be as anticlimactic as the rest of the judicial process has thus far been. I am hopeful that a trial date will finally be set and that we will learn how much sand is really in this hourglass. As I understand it is not a long meeting, generally around an hour, though in my case it may run a little long.”

Derek will soon tell us his own thoughts about the day. I will share Renée Allard’s comments which were posted for the Facebook audience with Derek’s permission. She attended the location of the Case Conference and learned what transpired. We don’t have all of the details but enough to sadden a family and their supporting army. “I went to the court today, I had no thought of going but something in me persisted to tell me that I was needed for support. I got there and Derek saw me pretty much right away. He knew I was out there pulling for him, for Amie and for their little girl! At one point during the hearing Derek came storming out of the room, and looked devastated and to be in tears. I rushed to his side immediately. He was very emotional, and sure of his steadfast case, and his feelings. Today I have witnessed one of the hardest days for Derek’s emotion. Needless to say he went back in, determined that his daughter needs to be returned. In my presence his lawyer openly told Derek that this would not go to trial and yet within 5 or so minutes the decision was set in motion. This case will be taken to trial sometime in December 2012 for 6 days of trial, and not on consecutive dates either...running until February 2013. Give them lots of room to respond as today was very emotional. Tears everywhere. I am so appalled at MCFD. It is gut wrenching!”


  1. It's just not right how they can just wantonly(and without merit) destroy people's lives and families like that. It's just plain wrong.

  2. I'm horrified that our society allows this to happen. Over one year - that is an eternity to a child. I can't believe that if a mistake was made it would take that long to fix. This system needs to be changed!


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