Sunday, January 15, 2012


The entire 45 minute CBC broadcast is available online at this CBC link

If you missed the Friday telecast be sure to see it now. The subject is controversial and the feedback to the program is similarly debatable. The CBC website provides numerous helpful sidelinks for selected related subjects.
USA Viewers - Unfortunately, a CBC note on the screen tells me, "Note: This video is only available to view online by Canadian audiences due to rights issues."

Diagnosis Murder - For decades, the diagnosis of shaken baby syndrome virtually guaranteed convictions, shattering the lives of thousands of parents, babysitters and families. Now new evidence questions whether the syndrome even exists, and whether some have been wrongfully convicted.


  1. Yes, the Full Episode and CBC News seem to be limited to viewing online by Canadian audience.

    However, the others, i.e. the Interviews can be viewed online worldwide. They are also very good.

    Of course the articles: "History of Shaken Baby Syndrome" and "Shaken Baby Syndrome faces new questions in Court" may be viewed by anyone.

  2. Another great article is: "At least half of all parents tried over Shaken Baby Syndrome have been wrongly convicted, expert (Dr. Waney Squier) warns" ( )

    This short video clip: "Shaken Baby Death Research Questions Scientific Evidence" ( ) might be especially helpful for those outside Canada who are unable to see the full fifth estate program.

  3. The proscription regarding access to the program outside Canada is about broadcasting the program, not viewing it, according to the Producer. To view the program from outside Canada, go here and enter the password.

    Diagnosis Murder is posted online for screening.
    password: shakenbabydiagnosis

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  5. Thank you for the link Anon 11:14 Jan 24th - I repeat it here for clarification....

    For people living outside of Canada, Diagnosis Murder is posted online at

    You will be asked for a password -------- use this, shakenbabydiagnosis

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    1. A one word descriptor such you left does not make the grade with me. There was modifier. No one can tell to whom it applied.


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