Friday, April 8, 2011


Zabeth and Paul are asking praying people to pray for their little Josiah.

Earlier this week on Tuesday (Apr 5), caseworker Matthew Walker informed Zabeth and Paul that Josiah was sick. His foster parent called 811 and took the baby to the hospital. X-rays were taken of the child’s lungs which were found to be clear but he displayed signs of a heavy cold. Consequently the scheduled Wednesday visit with him was cancelled for the Baynes. The Baynes were in agreement with this cancellation because of his condition and the inclement weather.

Yesterday (Thursday Apr 7) the foster mom took Josiah to the family doctor in the morning because the symptoms shown on Tuesday were not improving. The doctor was concerned that Josiah might be suffering from Respiratory Distress Syndrome. She was advised to take Josiah to the pediatrician and that appointment was accomplished in the afternoon. From there Josiah was admitted to hospital for observation and testing for respiratory infection and anemia.

These foster parents have been on top of this from the start, taking every precaution possible, and being in attendance with the baby all day and evening at the hospital, providing hands on comfort.

The Baynes are expecting Matthew Walker to call them this morning (Friday) with a status report and also with the possible arrangement of a hospital visit for them.

I commend both the foster parents for their care of Josiah right now and Matthew Walker for his consistently timely contact with the Baynes. (A caution: if you are commenting on this post today, let it be sympathy, well wishing, prayer, or constructive opinion about MCFD action, process, and service but nothing of a denigrating nature re: these foster parents, because it will get jettisoned to trash immediately.)

It is almost needless to say, but I will anyway. Paul and Zabeth Bayne so much wish that they were the ones able to hold and to comfort their small son. They would want to be with him, stay the night at the hospital perhaps. They long for things to be different for them and their children. Perhaps by summer this year, that may be their truth. Meanwhile, Josiah must get over this speed bump. Little guys his size and age should not have experience speed bumps.


  1. I will be praying. Thank you for letting us know.

  2. Sarah from northern BCApril 8, 2011 at 7:40 AM

    I'll be praying for Josiah's speedy recovery and that both he and Paul & Zabeth would feel our good & sovereign Father's hand of comfort & grace.

  3. Best wishes for Josiah and the family. It is good to hear there is immediate communication with the parents regarding their child's condition.

    I would be interested to know if MCFD and the foster parents would consider set up some arrangement to visitations in the foster home as opposed to having a contractor transport the infant four times weekly to the home.

    I recall my child being premature and we feared exposure to temperature extremes, bumpy car travel, and differences in air quality, so we kept junior in the home for the first three months. One parent would do the shopping, the other would stay home.

  4. Praying for little Josiah and Paul and Zabeth.

  5. I agree Ron. Let us make today's page one of compassion and appreciation for the foster mum. It takes a very special person to take in a tiny fragile human being and give it the same tender loving care that they would give to their own children. I have known many truly wonderful baby homes. The thing that I really liked about them was that they could take in a tiny baby and give the best of care for weeks, or months. They knew all along that soon they would have to endure the wrench of parting and yet they did it over and over again. Most of these babies were deserted, or relinquished for adoption, so they were not going back to their mother, like Josiah will be.
    It is hard on some of these foster parents, because they may have full sympathy for the parents and hope that the children will go back to their parents. They may think so, but they are wiser not to say it out loud.
    The director blocked my parental capacity report because he said that I was biased. He was quite right and on Monday's blog I shall make a full confession to you of all my biases. Don't miss this thrilling installment.

  6. O.k. were playing nice here. But wasn't this the exact or very close to the time frame of Bethany's issues? IF this infant was in the Bayne's care what would be said right now? The same thing that could be said about any parent or medical professional at the drop of a hat. This infant is under the closest possible scrutiny. Yet he has been in a car accident, and now this. Life happens to everyone, even the MCFD and its employees. Just like life happens to Mom and Dad. So why are we pitted against each other in life and death struggles?
    Where is the social work? Whom is comforting Zabeth, and Paul while their new infant is struggling to breathe? Why is this mother not at her sons side? To provide her life saving (protective) breast milk..from her loving..but empty arms? This is where "Child Protection" goes awry. This is the difference between "care provider" and Mommy and Daddy. Its time to start listening to the babe, Natural Law vrs Justice Systems.

  7. Grandfather to Josiah.
    Dont come and tell me that foster parent have the same tender loving care, as the real parent have to their children. Wake up.

  8. I will say nothing about the foster parents,
    but it is fair to ask: what if this baby had been permitted to be with his mother and father, and have their love and comfort and closeness, and if this baby had not been in a car accident (which even if it wasn't serious, no doubt had an affect on his immune system by virtue of the stress of it, not to mention just the car ride whisking him away from his parents and the hospital), MAYBE this baby wouldn't be in the hospital now.

    If anything happens to Josiah, how much of the blame will fall on MCFD's shoulders? They are always ready to blame the parents when anything goes wrong, perhaps it's about time they started accepting some blame.

    I hope this baby and his brother, sisters and good parents are together soon, and that MCFD gets out of their lives, forever. What enormous stress this must be on them all, and all because MCFD can't admit when they are wrong. That is wrong, and it needs to be repeated, because they (MCFD) just aren't getting the point.

  9. grandfather. true. but we shall pray none the less for his speedy recovery and safe and fast return to the loving arms of his parents and extended family, and his siblings.

  10. Praying passionately for little Josiah.
    The more I follow this saga of perversion of Justice the more I weep for this family, but dear Lord, not for much longer PLEASE.

  11. Sylvia, re: your other note. I am OK with it.


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