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The following four video installments derive from the same Mar 13, 2011 in-studio interview  of Paul and Zabeth Bayne done on Road Kill Radio with journalists Kari Simpson and Terry O'Neill. Main stream media seldom provide such opportunities. The show and its hosts have done much more. On the right side of their opening web page is a button 'Help Paul and Zabeth Bayne'. Tip of my hat to you Kari and Terry.

Video Part 1 of 4  12:53 Minutes

At the time of the interview Paul and Zabeth were still under the impression that the order was for six months, that case management was still in the hands of the Hope Team of SWs, and they were still fresh from the impact of Judge Crabtree's ruling. ( These require an investment of time to watch and placed here for your convenience of access)

Video Part 2 of 4  14:30 Minutes

Video Part 3 of 4  14:56 Minutes
Video Part 4 of 4  10:37 Minutes


    (with acknowledgements to Mr. Bumble.
    If the law says that it is in the best interests of three little children to completely destabilise their care for going on four years, then Sir, I say that the law is an ass. If that is what the law says, then sir, I say that the law is a bachelor.
    On second thoughts, what the law actually says is that children should with their parents whenever possible and that decisions should be timely and continuity of care is a priority. None of this has happened, so should we look elsewhere for the ass.
    If we look at that, we do not find an ass. We find a whole team of donkeys, all working together under the whip of the donkey driver. The donkey driver is the director and the team conists of social workers, supervisors, managers, lawyers, doctors and hospital employees. The biggest donkey of all is the judge, who is supposed to pay some heed to the law as it is written, but apparently cannot even go as far as reading section 43 of the CF&CSA.
    How do they manage to get away with it? They do it by exploiting the many glaring loop-holes in the act. Loop-holes which render most of the act to be meaningless. In that case Sir, I say that the law is a colendar, the law is a sieve. The essence of child welfare drains away completely.
    We often hear the expression from the top people that a given child may have "fallen between the cracks." Such a bland and reassuring piece of nonsense. Nobody screws up, nobody is to blame. They just "fall between the cracks." There are no cracks in the child protection system. There are gaping fissures and children do not fall into them. like the Bayne children, they are pushed into them by social workers, aided and abetted by their superiors and by lawyers and psychologists. Judges try their best not to rock the boat. After all they are all paid out of the same purse--yours and mine.

  2. These people are not nice at all and neither are you Mr Ferris. Doesn't anyone understand anything at all about Canadian civility and political correctness? I speak fallaciously, of course.
    Your points are well taken! Further, is no one to say anything when the foster parents are fed a bias by the SW before a court case? Is no one to say anything about the accusations and slander passed around?

    Maybe the blinders are coming off at last and we are shocked to find out there is actually something wrong in the BC MCFD highest levels of authority and our sad judiciary who are their accomplices.
    These injustices happen all the time but few have such resolution as the Bayne family and the great web of supporters that have gathered around
    Really, I think it is well past the time for all the gloves to come off. Bravo!

  3. thanks for posting these Ron, I listened to the full audio right after it aired and it was very helpful to hear the story in their own voices. It's so great to have it available here for supporters and skeptics alike.

  4. PS Anon and secretive. I have honoured your request for privacy but have forwarded on your note and erased it so it will not appear.

  5. There is a good collection of links from,,,, are a few others.

  6. Online rants likley don't help. MCFD will points to specific messages and will say this is typical of Bayne supporters.

    MCFD staffers are careful not to display any of the nonsense in public that they routinely spew behind closed doors, and often, even in court. (Courts might as well be behind closed doors since the rest of us will never see or hear what goes on in chambers.)

  7. I think you have picked up that aside from my own occasional "I can't take it any more" episodes which are still held in respectable check, I write a balanced and civil blog. I permit commenters some freedom to vent, albeit with a filter that avoids unnecessary name calling and defamatory statements. I continue to advocate to people who truly want to get the attention of MCFD or legislators, or the Rep of Children and Youth or media, the value of presenting well stated observations, arguments and evidence rather than blowing off toxic steam which makes people turn away. Having said that, I have to remind myself how angry and resentful a person naturally feels when their lives are invaded by society's allies who act like enemies.


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