Friday, June 11, 2010

VICTORY IS THE CRY / Part 217 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne/

I am soulful at the moment of writing. It's a vulnerable place to be.
Adults can be so cruel at times.
Parents of children sometimes lose sight of the impressionability of their offspring.
They fail to recognize their children as creatures of promise, treasures to be protected.
Some adult parents have never themselves matured.
The innocence of children is compromised at so many levels within our culture,
So soon.
What was unspoiled, pristine in a human person, small and endangered,
Observes, experiences, feels, learns attitudes and behaviours that issue in a child person either noble or unremarkable.
So much derives from parents patient, tender, informative, embracing.
Hearts ache as children suffer from neglect, from torment, from physical maltreatment.
Good people are still in the majority.
They recognize the cultural need to preserve the small ones.
They invent the instruments that quell the dangers and protect the treasures.
Yet legislation cannot change human hearts.
So small lives spoiled and marked by anguish proliferate in an educated world and one wonders why.
And good people commissioned, check wrongdoing, punish bad people and modify destinies.
And sometimes their zeal errs and punishment is misdirected,
Good people with innocent children are caught in a vortex of accusation.
Casualties multiply. All lose. Everyone is wounded.
The circuitous stream of incrimination and disgrace and legal actions soil a society.
Antagonists and protagonists all.
All the someones are opponents and adversaries now.
Everyone looking for victory.
Urbanity is sour.
Humanity is imperiled.


  1. Humanity is indeed imperiled if this is truly happening to children all over the world.

    It's time the MCFD came clean on just exactly what they have been doing, for the last several decades, to our children. They must be held accountable for the damage they have done.

    And God have mercy on these little children who must be suffering so much.

  2. Not EVERY child who is removed has a poor time in care. I have personally observed children thrive beyond imagination of what was capable of that child while in care.

    Yes, there are some HORROR shows of kids in care! These are the minority - vastly. Unfortunately, when they go bad, it goes really bad! That must be fixed. MUST BE!

  3. Personal experience, my fellow citizens, from 274 days of correctional services (exclusively for my moral parental and legal duty to protect my family. In vain, of course.) About 7 of 10 my mates born in Canada have been raised and groomed for life in State custody, in 15-50 foster and group homes. Those willing to speak about their childhood suffered unspeakable psychological, emotional, physical and sometimes sexual abuse. Most of them for a while lived in 2-3 families where foster parents treated them kindly, justly, with respect and dignity. These kind people are CW's "minority". Sorry for often less than comprehensible English, and thank you.

  4. I find it very hard to believe that the children in foster care who are suffering are a "minority." Who is minding the minders? Nobody, from what I can see. That's why we always hear about these horrific deaths, murders and sexual abuse. It's been going on for decades.

    CW, you seem to have a vested interest in portraying the Ministry of Children and Family Development as essentially good guys who occasionally screw up. I don't buy your version, especially after learning more about the Bayne case, and many other parents who seem to be in the same boat.

    You are always making comments to the effect that that there are some problems, but that MCFD is basically good. What role do you play in all this?

  5. "Minority" doesn't equal unimportant. "Minority" equals exception to the rule.

    Again, look at the background and entire history of these men in correctional services. You simply can not say that foster homes are the reason they are in jail. At what point does personal responsibility become lost? What about the other inmates who didn't grow-up in foster care? Your perspective is far too small, JF.

    JF - at which point are you going to accept your own responsibility for how things turned out in your life? Based on your web page, it's unlikely.

  6. "Joel Norris, in his book, Serial Killers, notes that "many serial murderers were raised by adoptive parents or caretakers both within and outside of their biological parents' families." The FBI estimates that of the 500 recorded serial killers in U.S. history, fully 16 percent were adopted – an incredible statistic, considering that adoptees represent only 2-3 percent of the general population. To name a few adoptee serial killers: Charles Albright, the Texas "Eyeball Killer," Kenneth Bianco, the California "Hillside Strangler," David Berkowitz, New York City's "Son of Sam," Steve Catlin, the Bakersfield, Calif., serial wife and mother poisoner, Joseph Kallinger, the "Philadelphia Shoemaker," Gerald Eugene Stano, executed killer of 42 women in Florida, and Joel Rifkin, New York's most prolific serial killer.

    Adoption has long been neglected by mental health experts, as well as the criminal justice system, in the search for causes of eruptions of extreme violence. For instance, even in the celebrated case of the Hillside Strangler, no fewer than six psychiatrists rendered opinions on Ken Bianco's diagnosis and "mens rea" (state of mind during the killings), yet none of them apparently explored the possible influence of adoption on his motivation and psychological makeup. Likewise, the significance of adoption was never examined in a courtroom, in the case of David Berkowitz, the notorious Son of Sam, nor in most of the other high-profile serial killer cases mentioned above.

    Dr. David Abrahamsen, however, who had many interviews with Berkowitz in prison, notes in his book, The Mind of the Accused, that "Berkowitz's adoption became a central concern in his life, and the notion of being different also engendered in him a feeling of ambivalence toward the rest of the world." Abrahamsen states that Berkowitz "developed a deep and abiding feeling of estrangement; there was he felt, something basically wrong with him." ",0919-7.htm

    The above once again suggests the absolutely devastating effects of separating a child from his / her biological parents.

    We've been told that adoption is such a wonderful thing for parents and children, yet the fact that this creates a psychic wound that that can be catastrophic has, for the most part, been ignored (as has the widespread corruption in the adoption industry).

    The woman who made adoption popular in America:


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