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THIS BLOG'S PURPOSE IS CLEAR / Part 224 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne/

To be unclear about the 9-month old purpose of this blog is to be confusing the messages in the comment section with the message of the blog postings.

Paul and Zabeth Bayne's three children are in care of the Province of British Columbia government's Ministry of Children and Family Development. This has gone on since October 22, 2007, because the Director of the MCFD Fraser Valley Region, based upon the filed reports of his staff, has concluded that Paul and or Zabeth were responsible for medical issues and injuries sustained by their youngest child and that because they have adamantly refused to confess to this, are a continuing risk to all three children.

This blog exists presently to draw attention to what I believe has been an injustice to the Bayne family based on an inaccurate medical diagnosis, which it turns out is a much disputed diagnosis in the medical community. I further write on behalf of the Baynes because I believe that they have told me the truth, and because I take issue with some of the methodology and treatment exhibited by the MCFD relative to them. I am displeased with what appears to me a lack of objectivity in reporting and assessing and in some instances intentional distortion of facts. I am repulsed by what occasionally appears to me a self protective response by an agency commissioned to care for us.

In the course of writing on their behalf, I have become aware of countless other parents and families with similar accounts of accusation and child seizures and unsympathetic and unkind treatment by social workers. I am alarmed at the level of unfettered power an agency has, against which ordinary people have little recourse because they lack the resources to contest for their children and their families. I am appalled to learn that reports and concerns about malevolent child protection agencies is almost universal. As sympathetic as I am toward the Baynes, I am hearing true stories of child removals that even trump their horror. Some comments on this blog allude to lives irreparably harmed, children who have never been returned to parents.

I do not deny the need for a society endorsed ministry to safeguard vulnerable children. I do not vilify social workers en masse. I do not berate all foster parenting. I admit the inability of some parents to care for their children. I prefer for removed children to be with family, kin and close family friends. I am opposed to sealed Ministry files on people which can contain opinion, hearsay and unverified statements which fuel the Ministry agenda without any real possibility for the subjects to refute it. I do see a pressing need to regenerate and perhaps to replace the Ministry modus operandi.

Churchman that I have been for decades I am drawn this morning to a phrase that was intended to safeguard our conduct within society. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That's a maxim, a behavioural code, an ethic that while applying to us all, is particularly necessary among those who are charged with the sensitive tasks of relating to fragile people.

So while the blog's purpose is focused, it cannot help but to embrace a broader function as readers feel compelled to interact with the subjects and leave comments that expose the widespread inequities for which the Baynes themselves recognize they are only examples.


  1. This blog serves a very important purpose, that purpose being described above. Thank you, Ron.

  2. Agreed. Excellent post, Ron.

  3. Thank you, Ron and CPS, for your kind words!

    I really thought that my unique experience of working for the Ministry and from inside knowing many SWs' illegal tricks, and then fighting them for what they do to powerless children regardless of consequences (like resulting correctional and mental health "services") could be enlightening. For uninformed, naive and law-abiding people the truth that CPS commonly and often intentionally destroy families must be so inconceivable, that they do not even try to look at a few facts and evidence! As I wrote before, internet is saturated with true horror stories. Like CPS and some anonyms-users, I strongly recommend that people review at least a few of them. That would be much, much more useful than trying to comprehend anything expressed by my insufficient and confusing English. For truly strong and patient readers, one click at my name above will open my own, 2402 words long horrific Canadian experience.


  4. Glad to see you are back Josef.

  5. Josef - I imagine you can make some very poignant statements without going so far as to compare the Canadian government to the Nazi regime on your web page.

    Just seeing that flashing is reason enough for me not to even begin to read your web page.

    Josef, you share a lot of valuable information regarding your experiences on this web page - but the problem is you generalize. You think one experience equals ALL experiences. It's simply not that case.

    Before anyone gets all excited - I realize there are a lot of atrocities out there in the CPS world. There is also a lot of misinformation from not only those anti-CPS but those pro-CPS. Read any info you study VERY critically.

  6. Josef, I believe you. And I don't care if you use the word "Nazi" to describe the gov't, because I think in a way our gov't can be worse than the Nazis. For one thing, the Nazis had powerful enemies that kept the Nazis in check, and ultimately destroyed (in a few years) the Nazis. There doesn't seem to be any real powerful opposers of child protective services, though that is changing. And for a person to say that they won't read your website because you use the term "Nazi" is - to my mind - more dogmatic than using the term "Nazi."

    As history moves on, we are seeing - more and more - that all positions of authority and power need to be closely scrutinized; there really is no position of power that has not been tainted by scandal. There is no greater power than what child protective services has - and there is no agency that holds so much power and yet has so little accountability.

    With respect to generalizations: There is a point at which a generalization can be legitimate. A person doesn't automatically lose credibility because they generalize.

    I never got the sense that anyone on this blog who has been a victim of MCFD was generalizing, or that if they were it was in an objectionable manner. I never got the sense that they were implying that because something bad happened to them, it happens to everyone. Most people, if not all people, will acknowledge that MCFD does, or probably does, good things. After all, they give back the money that is taken from us (taxes) and that alone seems to make some people happy.

    The problem is, whatever good they are doing cannot cancel out the harm that they do. To even imply that it does seems very wrong.

  7. Thank you anon for believing me, for many, many years nobody said that to me regarding my Canadian experience. Funny thing is that I never ever used the word NAZI in my reports of public servants' crimes committed against my child and family. Community Worker refers to the Canadian flag displayed on my blog. I decorated it with Goebbels' famous words THE TRUTH IS THE GREATEST ENEMY OF THE STATE. Every 5 sec this flag metamorphoses for 1 sec into a NAZI flag. Another funny thing is that one of nine or so VGH psychiatrist who on Dec. 2008 examined my mental health just before ordering that I will be brainwashed with some powerful drugs, as always against my will, commented something on that flag and asked me if I am a NAZI :-) Thank you again, and good night and a very nice weekend to all with clear conscience!

  8. Anon 9:48...

    A) You really think the Canadian (or its provincial) government is comparable to the Nazi's? Really? CW didn't say they wouldn't read the web page because of the use of the word Nazi. Read the CW's post again - it clearly says the comparison of Canada gov't to Nazi gov't is the reason why they won't read it.

    B) You said "I never got the sense that anyone on this blog who has been a victim of MCFD was generalizing." Have you been reading this web page and the comments? Ron even has a blog post about the generalizations and conspiracy comments without supporting facts.

    C) Actually, people do lose credibility when they generalize without recognizing exceptions exist; Or when the generalizations on this web page, for example, suggest the vast minority is actually the vast majority.

    Josef does make some strong points - he just goes about it in the wrong way. I, for one, would like to see him take some sort of responsibility in his own actions and how his life turned out. Doing that will not take away from his hurt, his pain, his experiences, or the intense feelings he has against CPS for what may very well be justified. But, he, as a responsible and intelligent adult also has a part to play in how his life turned out.

  9. Hello, Anon 9:48! You must by one of many who know many relevant facts and evidence about my case, about my own actions, knowing well how my life turned out. You know that I never ever compared any Canadian agent or agency to NAZI. You know the playful flag displayed on my blog, created to attract public servants’ attention. If not before, then from my comment above you know the Nazi minister of Propaganda most famous quote. Whole: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” And now get out of anonymity, list all my wrongdoings, list every instance where I do not take full responsibility for all my actions. Being so far not responsible, but maybe intelligent public servant, kindly explain what YOU would do if being in my shoes. Be concrete, only that will give you the right to disapprove anything relevant to my case.

  10. Josef,
    I stumbled on this website, which claims that this is among false quotations attributed to Joseph Goebbels. Whether the quotation actually belongs to him or not, it is nonetheless an insightful remark and one can envision it as the mantra of all governments who do the same.

    Most importantly, you did comment well about Anon's 9:48 remark concerning you and taking personal responsibility. No one has walked in your shoes. Only you know what that has been like and I am sure that you have played all of the events over and over in your mind through a lot of years to know who was responsible for what.

  11. Josef - There is no such thing as playfully messing around with the Nazi flag and comparing it to Canada.

    In no way, shape, or form, is comparing Canada to the Nazi's playful. I should know, my grandfather was forced to fight for them in WW2. I imagine he had wished he had accepted the alternative - death.

  12. Ron: I once also saw that, somewhere in Wikipedia I think. It does not matter much who the author is. "A lie repeated a hundred times becomes the truth", he maybe said, and people think it was Chairman Mao, who cares. Good night!

    CW: I fight unjust authorities regardless of consequences since being 6,5 years old. I was demoted to private and dishonorably discharged for criticizing corrupt communist regime. I was repeatedly incarcerated in Maximum security prisons and lunatic asylums for doing everyone's duty to protect children from abuse. In equally corrupt Canada. I made that playful flag when my blog was about two years old, to enrage corrupt public servants enough to do something about it. Congratulations, you won! Good nightMARES!

  13. Josef - I am sorry, I am not quite catching your meaning? What did I win?

    It seems, you were incarcerated in a Psychiatric Unit after threatening to murder "anyone who tried to take away my children" (quote from your web page) in a court house in the presence of a judge. You were then diagnosed with mental health issues.

    Please do not take the above as my discounting/undermining the pain you experience.

  14. All anyone would have to do to understand that this country has corruption enough to cause misery enough would be read the Goudge Inquiry.

    In this Inquiry, it is acknowledged that individuals who were victimized by Dr. Charles Smith (whose expert testimony directly led to the wrongful conviction and the wrongful removals of a number of parents / children) made innumerable attempts to fight against the corruption, and specifically, the corruption of Dr. Charles Smith and those who were supposed to be keeping tabs on him.

    As the report states:

    "Several individuals launched formal complaints with the Office of the Chief Coroner, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Ontario Ombudsman, local police forces, local child protection agencies, and many other government agencies. None of those complaints were dealt with satisfactorily... In short, the families have been left with an overwhelming sense that the justice system and our public institutions have failed them."

    By the way, Charles Smith (he does not deserve the title "Dr.") had significant communication with child protection agencies and worked closely with them. The end result of his work was that lives of parents and children, and all their friends and families, were utterly devastated. Even though many were exonerated, and got out of prison after many years, they never got their children back - children who had long since been taken by force by the child protection agencies that Smith worked with.

    These are the people who are in charge. And there is no way that Smith could have gotten away with what he essentially got away with if it hadn't been for those who collaborated with him or back him up or didn't do anything to stop him.

    So let's stop with this pretence that Canada is such a just country. It's not.

  15. If you are so unhappy with Canada being unjust, I ask you to please try a different one and report back re: justice.

    Smith (agreed - no DOCTOR!) duped more than one person. He is a psychopath. Pure and simple. They are wickedly intelligent, and determined usually.

    But you can't honestly believe people knew he was crooked, and wrong and still thought "what the heck, he bought me donuts once, I'll not report my concerns re: his objectivity or motives." That's just pure paranoia.

    Smith is not the first such man to exist in a position of power. These people seek it and pursue them relentlessly. Heck, I'd say he is no different than the pedophile - simply he had different objectives but to reach the same outcome (power and manipulation).

    Far too much time spent speaking of Smith...he's not worth it.


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