Thursday, April 29, 2010

This is the Day

To acquire continuing care and effectively keep the children away from the Baynes forever with the probable consequence that they will become adopted children, the Ministry has had to put forth a loathsome series of testimonies.

The Case of the Ministry against the Baynes for continued Ministry care of all three Bayne children is on hold until court time can be found so that this case can be completed. One or two weeks are required for Mr. Christie and the Baynes to present their evidence and powerful witnesses to counter the Ministry position and to convince the Judge to return their children.

Before the recent cessation of court time, Mr. Christie presented an application for the Baynes. It was unusual.

Understandably in the middle of this madness Judge Crabtree could have chosen not to hear the application by the Baynes to have their two sons returned to them right now rather than waiting for the end of the case. However, the Judge allowed the application. That is an enormous indicator that he knows the weakness of the Ministry position in their charges, suggestions, insinuations against the Baynes. He knows that this case is not about the Baynes being a risk to their sons. He knows this is a superficial case built on what have become insincere motives. Whether the Baynes are a risk to their daughter is where this case began and where it will end. She had an accident. She was not shaken almost three years ago. In all these months the Bayne parents have cuddled and hugged and loved that little girl during visitation and they deserve to have her back home too. She deserves to be home.

Today at 9:30 AM in a Chilliwack Court room Judge Thomas Crabtree will convene a brief opportunity for MCFD lawyer Finn Jensen to speak the expected objections of the Ministry to the application that the Baynes’ counsel Doug Christie presented to Court several weeks ago.

If Judge Crabtree awards the boys to the Baynes as he we hope he will, his ruling throws the Ministry’s case for continuing custody into jeopardy where it belongs.


  1. Amen! Thank you Jesus once again for your victory to be seen by one and all. Hallelujah for the judge to see with your eyes. Restoration, restoration, restoration!

  2. Arise oh God, and let your justice prevail.

  3. I-- and I am sure many others-- will be very interested in hearing of the results of the Baynes application. Perhaps, as well as posting here, you can send the results by e-mail to those who you know are interested.


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