Tuesday, April 27, 2010


And his client? Who is Finn Jensen’s client? ------------ The Ministry!

Well it is not so generic as the Ministry of Children and Family Development but is specifically the MCFD Fraser Regional team to the director of which I wrote an Open Letter this past Thursday. Perhaps you read that. I appealed to him to instruct his lawyer to come to court this coming Thursday the 29th, and to tell the Judge that the Ministry has chosen not to contest the application. This is the appropriate and right action.

By the way, yesterday's post was not up for very long so if you missed it, you should scroll back to read about Mr. Jensen's dilemma and some readers comments.

Mr. Bruce McNeill is a seasoned leader within this realm of social work and he has become aware of a lot of poverty, abuse, dishonesty and vindictiveness within homes and families. He has been authorized to lead his team to protect children in his geographical region. Under his watch the Baynes have experienced from this team unremitting resistance, accusation and determination to end their family? The Bayne file in the regional office must be tight with pages of condemnation. It is a file that points fingers of blame at Paul and Zabeth Bayne. It is a finger pointing file. As it has developed no one was aware how decidedly the fingers have pointed back at MCFD. Social Worker Loren Humeny wrote the most recent risk assessment of the Baynes. I heard his testimony in court some weeks ago. He was asked why one page of the report was left blank. We learned that according to the template, that page customarily contains positive remarks about the subject(s). When questioned why he couldn’t state one positive or redeeming quality about the Baynes I heard him say he didn’t know these people. However, under cross-examination he admitted meeting with the Baynes many times. I am sure some of those meetings were not ideal or friendly - perhaps even forgettable. The Baynes were not so concerned with whether Humeny liked them as much as they were concerned to obtain some answers about the care of their children. Guess what! These are stellar parents whose children have been taken because mom and dad have been wrongly impugned with liability for a crime for which RCMP said there is no evidence but only a medical insinuation based on questionable diagnostics. They are diligent in their campaign to recover their children. Yes they write letters and do research and acquire sympathizers and supporters. Yes, they love their children more than their own lives. Sure they are vocal. Why not praise them for dedication to a cause that matters? Give them something. Why not acknowledge that these two parents are deeply committed to their children and attend every visitation opportunity and anxiously ask for more time. That could have been in the assessment. What’s wrong with this social working team? Are they only interested in the contest? This has nothing to do with protecting children any longer. This is gamesmanship of the worst kind. A blank page speaks volumes about the process and the attitudes and the spirit of this so called ‘Ministry’ and informs us as to why the lawyer’s advice was ignored. Keeping the boys has nothing to do with evidence. Then what is it? You tell me.


  1. This hasn't been about protecting the children for a VERY long time,...this is about the media being involved. I'm truly appalled at the MCFD, I have been sitting in that court room day after day.


  2. Its all about keeping thier system of Workers,lawyers,judges in place! Do you think for 1 minute that one of these people want to put themselves out of work that takes little effort to do and has a high pay?

    There is need for Child Protection but this is gone beyond that point and now its either win at any cost or CPS will be facing the courts as this is criminal,

    Once a child enters this system they are there a in it(regardless of who has custody)a minimum of nine months to a average 3or4 years regardless of who is at fault and for whatever reason!
    The CPS really cares about just keeping parents somehow under thier thumb with services they provide!
    Thier needs to be either a civilian board or a Ombudsman that has real power to stay or overturn Family Court CPS decisions that reunites Children with Family ASAP!

  3. An interesting thought process inspired by WM. Paul Young in his book "The Shack". An incredible read. In this book there is a faith based arguement upon the fundamentals of authority, the judgement of good and evil and our perceptions of each. The part that I found really thought engaging is the idea that each of us as individuals determine what is good and evil. We become the judge. To make things more confusing our perceptions change over time and circumstance, beyond that,there a billions of us each determining what is good and evil. So when our views of good and evil clash with our neighbour's than arguments such as this break out. And wars are waged. So if there is no reality of good that is absolute, then we have lost any basis for judging. The book is written as if it is a casual conversation with the Trinity of God. Very inspiring. Especially the part where the Trinity of God explains to a grieving father "a child is protected because they are loved, not because they have a right to be protected".


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