Sunday, April 4, 2010

EASTER SUNDAY / Part 157 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne/

Shouldn't these puzzle pieces be interlocked for solution rather than separated in an obvious disconnect?

MCFD workers and Paul and Zabeth joined to fix it rather than alienated and combative the way they are.

The Bayne family could have attended church together. Paul and Zabeth made this request. I was permitted to print their letter to their worker for you to read. The Baynes will not be attending church together today. Their request was not acknowledged. Ms. Polak, this is the pattern of you Ministry workers with the Bayne Family.

Workers, shoulder to shoulder in a show of solidarity and strength.
Paul and Zabeth disadvantaged and compliant. They pose no risk to the workers or their own children.
True, they have not admitted to shaking their baby. How could they? Why should they? They didn't do it!
Workers! lift the Baynes up, lock arms with them and help them to restore this family!


  1. Yes I think that the MCFD has lost all perspective.

  2. So often--too often--this is the way of human beings when they get authority and power. Representatives of the people--chosen by and from their peers--forget their charge and privilege. If I did not believe authority of our King, God Almighty, can be engaged to fight for righteousness and justice, I would be disillusioned entirely. So we pray in faith, we prophecy in faith, believe by faith and remember that His Kingdom has been forcefully advancing and forceful men lay hold of it. We remember that there was much turmoil and hopelessness for 2 days but the third day, the tomb was empty. He was alive--unconquered--and showed Himself powerfully!! God Almighty has enjoined believers to reign with Him on a superior level of gov't---the Kingdom of Heaven. So we lay hold of His charge continually and walk with Paul and Zabeth through this war zone knowing they win!

  3. There is no point making emotional appeal to the conscience of bureaucrats and politicians. One oppressed parent described those in the "child protection" industry as those who work in funeral homes who are insensitive to other's pain and losses. Why should they listen to you? Like those cops who killed Robert Dziekanski in 2007, there is no personal repercussion to them whatsoever. Their employer, or more precisely taxpayers, always indemnifies wrongdoings.

    It is also typical that written correspondence from parents with children removed are seldom acknowledged, let alone replied. It doesn't matter who the minister is. Bureaucrats know that they will stay much longer than any politicians serving in the minister position. You can protest and whine as much as you like. As long as they have the power to remove children, you can forget about establishing accountability and justice.

    Be mindful that removing children ("protecting" them as the ministry would like people to believe) is a lucrative business. To protect their livelihood, they lock arms and stand in solidarity. For our children, can parents do the same?

  4. I've encountered the same difficulties in my requests for access to my own children for special days such as their (and my) birthdays, holidays, special days, sports activities -- you name it and I was basically ignored without reason. I didn't get access on these days, only they days the social worker chose.

    In my case, the MCFD social worker used every opportunity to let me know she was the 'parent' of my kids and she appeared to delight in causing me grief as she called the shots as to how my kids would be raised and when they would be allowed to see me or their friends.

    I'm hearing the same story from a lot of other parents and here I am reading it again on this blog. Social workers supposedly working on behalf of parents and their removed children ignore whatever training and life experience they have as well as any sense of human decency they might have that is supposed to help, and instead they look for opportunities to get under the skin of parents in order to justify longer retention of children.

    If a parent gets angry when a request is rudely denied, then this is used by the social worker and lawyer to further justify the reason their children were removed, and is later used as evidence should a court case occur.

    Often, parents can pay for supervised visits, at a cost of $40 to $100 hourly. A costly court application might be needed to arrange such visits if the social worker refuses. A typical application like this would likely need to be done two months in advance of any popular holiday, such as Christmas.

    The problem even with the parent-paid supervision approach is the one or two supervision companies in the lower mainland do the vast bulk of their work with the Ministry, so they cannot afford to appear to be making anything easy for the parents. They will claim to be booked, offer bad times, not have drivers available, cite scheduling conflicts with foster parents, or the proper forms have not been signed - you name it. A simple visit arrangement can be turned into a monumental beaurocratic nightmare. I've been billed for cancellation of visits that had not yet even been booked.

    Parents are not able to call the Representative for Children and Youth, the only third party that I'm aware of, and neither would young children know anything about their rights or who to call if they were old enough to use the phone (or allowed to use the phone).

    If someone out there reading this is aware of the path for enforcing something as fundamental as the right of parents to direct religious eduction for their children, or ensure regular visitations occur, I would like to hear it.

  5. To exact maximum punishment and to show their supreme power, SW often use special days like Mother's Day, Christmas, to remove children or to avoid visitation. There are after-hour SW working around the clock to "protect" children.

    I have seen children ordered by court to be returned to their mother and re-removed 4 days later, the day before Mother's Day without any fresh evidence. If you think that the Baynes were treated harshly because they stand defiant, think twice. What they have encountered is the norm.

    "You who turn justice into bitterness and cast righteousness to the ground. ... You hate the one who reproves in court and despise him who tells the truth." (Amos 5:7-10)

    "And because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold" (Matthew 24:12)

  6. Yes, I agree. I am under anonymous but my name is Jenny and I am not the one who wrote the above, but I did attend family court 3 times and was threatened lots with removal for no real reason. All kinds of stuff that wasn't even true, but it was not allowed to even be corrected by me. I agree completely about all you have written.

  7. Anonymous wrote: "In my case, the MCFD social worker used every opportunity to let me know she was the 'parent' of my kids and she appeared to delight in causing me grief as she called the shots as to how my kids would be raised and when they would be allowed to see me or their friends. "

    I keep reading and hearing the same sort of thing, from parents all over the world. Social workers, CPS workers seeming to take pleasure in parent's and children's pain. "Smirking" as they remove children forever from everything they know and love (and this smirking I have actually seen with my own eyes on videotapes of removals).

  8. CPS Destroys Families:

    I have seen very "respectable" SW making an effort to come to visitation and watched until the end (doing nothing in the entire 2-hour session during office hours). When parents hugged their children and wept before separation, he smirked. This is the only time that this SW was seen smiling during the entire course of the fateful encounter.

    This same SW also told court sheriff that parents came to court carrying firearms so that parents were searched and publicly humiliated each time going to court to respond to their non-sense accusation. After playing the same trick several times, the chief sheriff finally saw who the real perpetrator is. He brought the parent into his office and told what SW abuse he had seen in court. The chief said that this parent only need to come in to say hi next time and he will not be searched. Such formality is still needed so that SW cannot complain that the sheriff chief is not doing his job.

    SW also used foster parents to pick a fight with oppressed parents on the phone, record the conversation and attempted to use it as evidence in court to prove that parents have anger control problem.

    To those who find this unbelievable, please view:

    Such profusely despicable activities not only squander tax dollars but also brings the administration of justice into disrepute. I am sure that vermin south of the border are more or less the same, if not worse.

  9. Anonymous, Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, and other countries all seem to have the same problem. CPS workers who are doing the opposite of protecting children, and many - too many - of whom seem to take pleasure in what is perhaps the most painful experience a human being can endure.

    If a person wanted to witness pain and suffering, CPS would certainly be the place to work.


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