Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Mark your calendar. TOMORROW IS LARGE. Judge Thomas Crabtree may rule on Paul's and Zabeth's application to have their two sons returned to them immediately rather than at the end of the yet unfinished hearing. (Chilliwack Court House 9:30 AM)


  1. I hope and pray that Judge Crabtree does the right thing, and rules that the children should be returned to their parents. Thank you for keeping us updated.

  2. Our heart breaks for this poor family. My wife and I are going though a similar nightmare. Mcfd has taken our two boys almost a year ago now and only three months ago took our newborn right from his hospital crib while we had a signed agreement that they wouldn't. Is there any support for families in this position.? We are being bullied so much were on the edge of self destruction. We haven't seen any support groups or places to simply rest. We're so tired. We're even afraid to ask for help. We have no family or friends left. We feel like lepers. I'm sorry for even mentioning this as we have been following this families fight for many months now and I wish we were in a stronger position to help.

  3. Can someone share their thoughts and/or ideas on how we can all help each other.


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