Wednesday, December 16, 2015


You will remember that in 2015, a judge ruled in the favour of a mother who filed suit against the Ministry of Children and Family Development. Hers was a case in which her children were removed from her and given into the care of her husband whom it was alleged had sexually abused them. Justice Paul Walker not only condemned the Ministry but awarded the custody of the children to their mother. 

former Deputy Minister Bob Plecas, now independent Reviewer
The government sadly refused to go down without a face saving fight, and said they would launch an independent review of the Ministry essentially hoping that said review would dispute the judge’s opinions. Bob Plecas was given that task. Now CBC news has reported that Bob Plecas fulfilled his mandate and delivered his review of the Ministry of Children and Family Development. It does appear that he did maintain his independence because it does not make a pleasant read for the Ministry leadership.  You can read the full report from Bob Plecas.

Mr. Plecas’ report into the current state of child protection in B.C. calls for an immediate overhaul of a system that lacks leadership, accountability and funding. Former deputy minister Bob Plecas's report says that a four-year plan needs to be implemented immediately at the Ministry of Child and Family Development and should contain a funding commitment to turn the system around. The B.C. child protection service is unsafe and in crisis says the report.


  1. Please ensure that your facts are correct. An actual dollar amount has not been determined yet. Following Justice Walker's decision back in July 2015, hearings were to commence regarding the actual monetary awards to the mother/children. However, because of the Ministry's need to file an appeal in this matter, all further hearings regarding the actual dollar amount are put on hold. Such a shame, I might add. The Ministry appears to be wasting more BC taxpayers' money on an appeal that they may not even win....just saying.

    1. Inadvertent assumption … thanks for the caution. The correction has been made.

  2. When does the mother and her children begin to heal after what has been done. How much longer does this really need to go on, i.e. appeals, reviews, etc.??? How can the Ministry say that they are all about the childrens' best interests when they filed an appeal in the Court of Appeal that could take years to settle. Do they really have these childrens' best interests in mind or their own political agenda and trying to save and justify their own existence? So sad! My heart just aches for these children and their mother!


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