Monday, December 28, 2015


Canada is fortunate. I am a grateful Canadian. We have government by the people. Regardless of which political party is in power, we are governed by democratic principles. I am persuaded that within the Liberal caucus are responsible and honorable people. Government by the people is respected by them and applied in my best interests. As 2015 closes out I am concerned. I'm not alarmist.  Noticeably, in Canada as in the USA the shift has been to the Left when articulating ideals and morality. It is from the Left that heavyweight decisions are being made and will be made as 2016 dawns.
Liberals are emphatically Left of the former Conservative government and even Left of earlier Liberal governments. The Democrats in the USA will re-elect a Democratic president. That's just my unqualified guess. As citizens we acquire the outcomes of governmental assessments and choices. Yet among us there must be attentiveness, and among our leaders there must be prudent administrative, diplomatic and moral selections.

Trudeau and the Liberals have already learned and will further ascertain that campaign promises do not always or necessarily convert to achievable or suitable policy. 25,000 refugees into Canada was the goal but it became apparent that only 10,000 could be correctly vetted and welcomed. That was wise governance. Yet ahead in 2016 are several major matters.
  1. Canada's involvement in the combat against Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Our Defence chief Harjit Sajjan is ambivalent about the March 2016 timing of Trudeau's promised withdrawal of CF-18s. 
  2. Can Trudeau keep his Paris Climate Conference promise of reaching greenhouse gas emission reduction goals within 100 days from the Dec 12th date, i.e. mid March.
  3. Are the promises of three successive annual deficits of $10 billion each, and yet a balanced budget by 2019 viable?
  4. What will be done about The Senate.
  5. What resolutions will be made to enduring aboriginal grievances and the missing and murdered indigenous women inquiry.


  1. Don't forget the promise to fulfill all the 94 resolutions from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I have read the document and many of the recommendations are about education outside of the native bands. That is a provincial responsibility. Mr. Trudeau knows that and thus can't honestly promise all 94. But then I remember the 60s and 70s when "socialism" ran rampant in Canada. Oh, I suppose I should thank that bad guy Tommy Douglas (a Baptist minister of all things) for setting us on the "liberal universal health care" track. Politicians who do what they promise are hard to come by after they get the job because the last guy left us in such a mess. Who knew?

    1. Like I wrote, sometimes these boys and girls make promises that garner votes only to learn once in power that the promise doesn’t make a good policy or cannot be achieved and that’s assuming the promises were sincerely made. Thanks for your comment Gary, and I wish you a Happy New Year.


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