Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Donald Trump equates campaigning for the Presidency of the United States with hosting a reality show. On The Apprentice he could say whatever he liked. He was the boss. He weighted the performances of contestants for value added. He concluded each show with his patented, “You’re Fired.” He has come to this campaign believing that everything about which he feels strongly, can be expressed with his unguarded ‘Trumpisms,’ but he has misunderstood the audience. TV ‘Apprentice’ audiences stay tuned because they are entertained and the outcomes are harmless. Voters tune him out because his skill set is evidently unsuited for the Presidency of a nation with its need for diplomacy and peacemaking as well as security and economic growth. No I don’t believe voters should validate a candidate who businesses have gone bankrupt four times before this current successful run; or, who is on his third marriage; or, who is democrat or republican depending upon the decade; or, who is so clearly out of his depth when standing on a stage with candidates shorter than himself.

In the end when the public tells him, “You’re Fired,” he’ll tell us all with typical Trumpite flair, “I entered just to get people talking about the right issues. No one was talking about immigration before I brought it up.” And that won’t be true either. Trump better stick to making billions. He’s so rich. But he will never be the President of the United States of America, unless the people, by voting for him, prove that they deserve him.

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