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Readers, please note below that if your family has been affected by one of issues cited within this document, your registration fee of $250 CA is waved but you need to register. Keep reading. Professionals, I urge you to gain the quality information offered at this Conference. I have attended each of the past three conferences. It is well worth your time and participation.

Conference 2014


Evidence Based Medicine and Social Investigation Conference

August 22-23,  2014, Vancouver, British Columbia

We are pleased to announce our fourth annual E.B.M.S.I. conference, designed for both families falsely accused of child abuse and professionals and paraprofessionals who work with child abuse cases. The faculty includes physicians and attorneys, expert witnesses and advocates, and social service professionals. These experts come ready to work with and learn from each other and the attendees.

The conference curriculum covers the fundamentals of evidence-based medicine and its role in improving how investigators and decision makers handle suspected abuse cases. The goal is to help child protection services truly meet the needs of children and their families and to help the legal system handle these difficult cases more justly.
Topics include:
  • The evolving child abuse medical literature 
  • Medical mimics of abuse 
  • Defending against abuse allegations in both family and criminal court 
  • The standards and guidelines for child protection investigations and process 
  • The challenges of creating a bureaucracy to handle family matters
The faculty includes:
  • Physicians from a variety of specialties: Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, Forensic pathology, Neuroradiology 
  • Biomechanics experts
  • Veteran defense attorneys
  • Social services professionals
  • Parents who have survived the system
  • Please see the faculty 2014 page for more information about individual presentations.
  • Professional registration fee is $250 Canadian.
  • Registration fees for families affected by these issues are waved however we still need you to register.
  • For the registration form, please go to the registration page.
  • For more information about the conference site, please see the Venue page.
  • For information about watching the conference on line, please see the Live Broadcast page.

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