Sunday, March 9, 2014


Children deserve to be protected and safe. That’s what the Legislature agreed when it mandated the Representative to employ three principle instruments to improve services as well as outcomes for children in B.C. The instruments are advocacy, accountability and review.

The Representative is charged to advocate on behalf of children and youth to ensure services that meet their needs.
The Representative is also expected to initiate examinations and assessments of government agencies that are providing services to children in B.C. One understands why the Ministry of Children, which was earlier without such scrutiny, would balk to have someone looking over the ministry’s shoulder.

The Representative is authorized to release reports that may focus deliberately and uniquely upon the child welfare system, yet which reports are independent of any need for approval from the government and specifically from the Ministry of Children. Disturbingly, but necessarily, the Representative must investigate deaths and critical injuries of children and youth who are receiving services, and that of course is intended ultimately to prevent others from being harmed.

The Representative does present to the Legislature, reports that do expose weaknesses and deficiencies that serve to hold the present system of care (MCFD) to account. Take a look at the Service Plan under RCY Reports as well as our various factsheets for further information about our mandate and scope.

Mandate and Scope OF RCY

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