Thursday, September 6, 2012

STEPHANIE CADIEUX, New Minister of Children and Family Development

The Honourable Stephanie Cadieux was elected in the Surrey-Panorama riding in 2009 and has served as the Minister of Social Development under the British columbia Liberal Party currently in power under the leadership of Christy Clark, Premier of the province. That is, until yesterday when she was given responsibility as Minister of Children and Family Development. That is, on the basis of another proviso, until the Liberals are defeated at the next election in 2013. I don't project a governing party upset with any certainty or prophetic confidence. Rather, the signs tell all observers, me among them, that the Liberal Party Caucus and Party morale is disintegrating before our eyes, with growing lack of confidence in Premier Clark and with increasing Liberal MLA resignations and announcements that they will not seek re-election.

I wish it were otherwise if only for Ms. Cadieux's sake because she is one of the good ones that we would do well to retain. She is shaped by life to be sensitive to people and to the dilemmas whatever they present. In this new portfolio I presume that she will bring wisdom to her interpretation of what is best for children and families and parents. My own concern is that Ministers do not last very long at the helm of the MCFD. It comes under much criticism when child protection fails and she will have to negotiate that painful aspect to her job. MCFD has not been publicly exposed and certainly not embarrassed enough with regard to the avalanche of unnecessary removals of children from parents who are able and willing to care for those children. Whether or not she can get up to speed with cases that require interception and correction and whether she will step between the legalities and protocols to straighten cases out remains to be seen.

I speak again specifically with reference to Ayn Van Dyk, 10 year old daughter of Aime Van Dyk and Derek Hoare. Aime and Derek are no longer married, but it was mutually agreed that Derek would be the principle caregiver. He has performed this duty for several years as a stay at home dad. Aime highly endorses Derek's performance as a father. He has two sons living with him one of whom is autistic, a pleasant boy, a gentle son. Autism is also that condition with which Ayn lives as well as she can. With Derek's help, Ayn did not require medication to control her behaviour when she lived at home. Derek spoke with her. Words and understanding calmed the girl, diffused the outbreaks. Of course when she was at school she was a challenge requiring significant assistance, and often Derek would be summoned from his home to come to school and handle Ayn. So much changed on June 12, 2011, when in keeping with autistic behaviour, Ayn wandered from her back yard. On that day Derek had no option but to call for RCMP assistance to locate her. Surprisingly she was found only several homes away in someone's back yard. She was returned to him that afternoon and the family was grateful and content until June 16, 2011 when social workers removed Ayn from her school and then informed Derek that she would be in their custody and care for the short term. They had asked him to sign off on a voluntary surrender of her to them for examination and whatever else they might do, and he understandably refused. No sooner was she seized, her body was subjected to several behaviour control drugs. Can you understand his outrage that his daughter who responded to his words was now reduced to a creature numbed by chemical. MCFD is required to support its retention of a child like Ayn with appropriate court orders and it has sufficient legal expertise and resources to affect such outcomes. Why MCFD chooses to do this with someone like Ayn and Derek and Aime and Ayn's two brothers is what is not understood by so many of us. If MCFD social workers spent any amount of time with Derek Hoare and genuinely listen and learn what kind of man he is and the kind of home environment to which Ayn would return, I am convinced they would write a revised report and make a recommendation to return the girl. It has now been over over 14 months, precisely 488 days today (September 6, 2012). This is plainly reprehensible. Ms. Cadieux needs to be apprised of this case. Sadly it is one of many where the MCFD have overstepped their mandated authority.    

In 2009 my paintings hung for a time in Ms. Cadieux's new Surrey office.

Sep 11, 2009
Ms. Cadieux was voted one of Business in Vancouver's Top 40 under 40, in 2007. Prior to her election as a Liberal MLA Stephanie worked as director of marketing and development of BC Paraplegic Association. She is an ...

MLA: Hon. Stephanie Cadieux

formerly Minister of Social Development; now Minister of Children and Family Development September 2012
Elected: 2009
Web site:
Room 236
Parliament Buildings
Victoria, BC
V8V 1X4
120 – 5455 152nd Street
Surrey, BC
V3S 5A5
Phone:250 356-7750Phone:604 574-5662
Fax:250 356-7292Fax:604 574-5691


  1. Interesting appointment at an interesting time, isn't it?

  2. Since you wrote this Stephanie is my MLA my previous MLA was Mary Polak omg! I am dealing with MS.bumgaurd Attorney for the Ministry for children and famlies her office deals with cases and it means longer delays so far Mary Polak denied working with me as I wanted my MLA to get my case back to the legislative assembly as I was granted a complete and fair review, back in 2005 only to be denied. So I end up moving and dealing with Stephanies office now. I am still fighting to get a further review as I am entitled to one. Anyone who has thier kids in care of MCFD can request a review as I did and ask for a further review and thier have been reported cases where kids have been in continuing care for years and returned to thier parents. If any one has the evidence they have the burdrn of proof. I have been fighting since 1997 and I will get this review and keep fighting becausee my children I dont see just that I lost custody , I see the knowledge I have gained to fight MCFD and a question I always had been asked why would I want to disrupt my child's life since he has been in care so long? Reality of it is due to the conduct of this offce and the Director Bruce Mcniell his really stupid miss management of cases and abusive attitude towards clients and of course lack of knowledge of my casey childrens life would not be disrupted in the first place and it was in bad faith and now since what happened to the Baynes Family and Derek Hoare who is getting his child back that should be understood and also my response is acording to the crimal code that very stement is an offense and I eont be intimidated as for the MCFD not yet being exposed they are in respect to the Baynes Derek Hoare and Lisa Arlin and these cases will prove just how bad faith MCFD really are as for Stephanie dealing with cases like this we just have to wait!!!

  3. I love my children very much I will keep fighting until they are back with me. My pasion fighting MCFD as well that no parent should be abused by MC FD or suffer abuse because of thier conduct. It is a known fact that the Director has aced in bad faith in his conduct I said already not I have lost but what I have gained to fight mcfd harder and so far my fighting them has not gone wasted because they will be exposed and like my case others will follow.

    Stephanie how much longer do arents like mine have to wait? Why should any take such abuse and just to even get treated fairly Lisa Arlin

    1. Sorry for spelling using my phone should read
      How much longer do parents have to wait like my self and why should anyone be treated with mcfd abusive conduct just to get a review and when you have rights?


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