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AUGUST 2,3,4 Evidence Based Medicine and Social Investigation Conference

Evidence Based Medicine and Social Investigation Conference

2013 will mark the third year for this conference. I have attended both of the last two and I am hoping to take in the next one as well. The information that I share now is intended to interest you in this opportunity and to explore the Conference website and possibly to register for it. You should bookmark the Conference url and schedule the dates into your personal calendar.

August 2,3,4 2013 http://evidencebasedmedicineandsocialinvestigation.org/

The third annual E.B.M.S.I. conference is designed for both families falsely accused of child abuse and the professionals and paraprofessionals who work with child abuse cases. The faculty includes physicians and attorneys, expert witnesses and advocates and social service professionals. These experts come ready to work with and learn from each other and the attendees.

The conference curriculum covers the fundamentals of evidence-based medicine and its role in improving how investigators and decision makers handle suspected abuse cases. The goal is to help child protection services truly meet the needs of children and their families.

A service to increase accessibility was offered in 2012 and will be repeated and that is an online broadcast of Conference speakers. You will register and then be given a code so you can listen online if in-person attendance is impossible for you.

The venue once again will be Pacific Life Bible College located at 
15030 – 66 A Avenue
, Surrey, BC V3S 2A5

It is a convenient venue with adequate facilities for this conference and with some residence facility. The College is located on a 42-acre campus in Surrey, B.C. about 30 minutes from Vancouver, B.C., and 15 minutes from the Canada/U.S. border (Peace Arch Border Crossing). It offers a peaceful, wholesome, suburban setting that’s conducive to study; yet Canada’s third largest city, is readily accessible.

Some resources available presently by sending your request to ebmandsiconference@gmail.com are:

1. The book entitled, Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Enduced Encephalitis – Are Parents Being Falsely Accused? Written by Dr. Harold Buttram, M.D. and Christina England, Research Journalist. $20.00
2. DVD Recordings of the EBMSI Conference 2012 which includes all Faculty presentations and their relevant powerpoint presentations. $100
3. All recordings of the EBMSI Conference including Faculty presentations, on a stick $20

Topics include:

▪ The evolving child abuse medical literature
▪ Medical mimics of abuse
▪ Defending against abuse allegations in both family and criminal court
▪ The standards and guidelines for child protection investigations and process
▪ The challenges of creating a bureaucracy to handle family matters

The faculty includes:

▪ Physicians from a variety of subspecialties
  • Forensic Pathology 
  • Pediatrics 
  • Neuroradiology 
  • Biomechanical Experts 
▪ Veteran Defense Attorneys
▪ Social Services Professionals
▪ Parents who have survived the system


  1. If you want to explore child abuse in BC, Ron. Take a very close look at how child & youth psychiatric cases are treated by the health authorities in this province. Little to no psychiatric beds, little to no youth wards, centralized care at BC Children's or Surrey Memorial (I think there are 2 beds in Abbotsford) - no transport HOME from those facilities, little to no follow-up. Imagine a 10 year old left in an isolation room in an emergency room overnight with no socks (cold feet!), a mattress on the floor, a metal toilet in the room and a nurse sitting outside the door. That's just the tip of the issue. MCFD does not have psychiatric-specific foster homes and as such are also left scrambling. The reality? The health authority has the training to provide these homes and refuses. Vast majority of these kids need not be in foster care but the parents have no choice because they are burned out, and the only way to access a foster home is through removal or voluntary care. Yet a trained psychiatric foster home could avoid that. Could even use medical coverage to assist payment, imo.

  2. I attended this two months ago and im more than willing to attend next year. There are a lot of topics that ive learned after law school, and you can meet wonderful people from medical staff to arizona medical malpractice attorneys that would simply explain to you jargons every step of the way.


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