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Aime (mommy) and Ayn
On the day that Ayn was born in 2001 and Derek saw her for the first time, his heart was hers.

On June 16, 2011 Derek Hoare experienced the unthinkable shock of learning that his nine year old daughter Ayn had been removed from her school by the Ministry of Children and Family Services (MCFD).

He is not accused of harming her. In fact his life has been dedicated to nurturing and understanding her. Ayn is autistic.

Derek was informed that the action to remove his daughter from his care was designed to ease his load of responsibility but in fact it created an intolerable burden.

Derek never complained to anyone about the complexities or problems of raising three children, two of whom are severely autistic.

Derek has provided parental care cheerfully for years and all three children have been happy and thriving.

Ayn at age 3
The Ministry of Children removed only Ayn, Derek’s then nine-year old daughter and he continues to provide care for his two sons.

Ayn has been removed from her family for no discernible reason other than an opinion that she was an unmanageable, deteriorating child but that is far from the truth.

Ayn is not out of control. She has a very strong will. She is a wonderful caring child.

Ayn is verbal and possesses a large vocabulary yet she still struggles to share with others her desires, fears, and thoughts.

Being autistic, she does have difficulty explaining what she wants but she has an astute understanding of body language.

Derek (daddy) and Ayn
On June 12th, 2011 she climbed a backyard fence and stopped in a neighbour’s yard to play but she could not be found until three hours later. MCFD’s intervention occurred following that incident.

Ten months have passed since the Ministry of Children separated Ayn from her father.

Ayn celebrated her tenth birthday on December 14th but not with her family.

When Ayn lived in her father’s home she was in no greater danger than that which one might expect with a child with her disability.

While she has been in Ministry care, she has twice managed to escape from her caregivers.

Her second escape occurred during her bathing time and she was later found naked and wandering near a main street.

There is no equitable explanation why foster caregivers are absolved of this breach of care while Derek experienced reproach and punishment?

Ayn as she might appear to you today
The Ministry policy states that "a family is the preferred environment for the care and upbringing of children and the responsibility for the protection of children rests primarily with the parents" (CFCSA 2b)

That policy also states that, "decisions relating to children should be made and implemented in a timely manner" (CFCSA 2g).

This Ministry, its workers, its supervisors and directors, are out of control. One must surmise that the Minister of Children, Mary McNeil is not even cognizant of the scope of inherent error there is in her ministry’s practice. 

Ayn is a very special person. She is a sweetheart. She needs to be with her daddy, with her mommy and with her brothers.


  1. North America is DRUNK on it's own LIES...gov't is the problem. That's why this province is millions in debt...too many SWINE at the trough.

    MCFD are taxpayer funded child kidnapping criminals...the judiciary are clearly front and center of these criminal actions. Evil has to get it's power from somewhere and destroying innocence is it's main objective.

    MCFD needs to be SHUT DOWN-TODAY!! then all the gov't swine can go "wee-wee-wee" all the way home.




    Funny how the MLAs, police, judges, lawyers all turn A BLIND EYE...it's the BLIND LEADING THE BLIND! SUEY!!

  2. "... The one super-secret sentence that MCFD is built on is: 'Do as thou wilt. That is the whole of the law.' It also comes from black magic, from Aleister Crowley. It means that you are a law unto yourself, that you are above the law, that you create your own law. You are above any other human considerations." SOUND FAMILIAR PARENTS WHO'VE HAD CHILDREN STOLEN, YOUR LIVES, FAMILIES & HOMES DESTROYED?

    WELL WELL WELL looks like the TRUTH does have it's place after all...evil is evil and it does not matter what 'label' or 'face' or 'party hat' it wears.

    MANDATE of MCFD no longer ‘SECRET’:

    "In 1981 the Witches International Coven Council (Wicca) listed several goals at their convention. This list was intercepted and confiscated by law-enforcement officials. Among their objectives are:

    1. To bring about personal debts, causing discord and disharmony within families.

    2. To remove or educate the "new-age youth" by:
    a) infiltrating ‘boys and girls’ clubs and big sister and big brother programs
    b) infiltrating schools, having prayers removed, having teachers teach about drugs, sex, freedoms
    c) instigating and promoting rebellion against parents and all authority

    3. To have laws changed to benefit our ways, such as
    a) removing children from the home environment and placing them in our foster homes
    b) mandatory placement of children in our day-care centers
    c) open the drug and pornography market to everyone"

    The more contaminated/evil Canada becomes, the more Canada will create a contaminated/evil environment for its society & innocent children.

    Disrespect for another’s wishes is destructive to relationships. It devalues the person and drives an unseen wedge of mistrust between parties.

    MCFD prides itself on mental battering of its clients. Mental battering is FAR WORSE than any physical beating for it is far more powerful in its affecting the individual being mentally battered, and is full of the same murder in the heart that is in any murderer. MCFD gossip & bringing up the past which equals murder!

    Anything that is NOT truth is NOT love; I don’t care how GOOD it sounds! Love does not BEAT others into submission and control with guilt and condemnation! Submission comes from trust, which comes from love. You cannot love without trusting, you cannot truly submit to that which you do not trust. MCFD is NOT TO BE TRUSTED-THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS EVIL TO ITS ROOT & CORE!


    •Wise in its own conceits
    •Legalistic in its attitude toward others.
    •A Finger pointing criticizer / condemner
    •Holier than another
    •A money grabber from the poor and hurting
    •A deceiver
    •A liar
    •Jealous, envious
    •A self exalter, swelled in secret pride filled self righteousness
    •Haughty, contemptuous of others
    •One who makes itself one with iniquity
    •One who thinks evil of everyone but itself
    •Manipulative, guilty of hurting/destroying others to its own will, plans, desires
    •Vengeful, full of revenge
    •Bitter, resentful
    •One who walks rebellious to the Truth
    •A gossip, teller of secrets


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