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Today, May 16, 2012, Amie van Dyk, Ayn’s mother has a regularly scheduled visit with her daughter who has been in Ministry care since June 2011. Ayn is autistic as most readers know. Many supporters of Amie and Ayn’s father Derek Hoare believe that it was unnecessary to remove this child from her home and certainly inappropriate to hold the child for this length of time. The conduct of this child as described here does not speak to improvement resultant from Ministry intervention. Today, Amie wrote a saddening entry into the Facebook page known as ‘Help Bring Little Autistic Girl Back to Her Daddy.’ 

Visit did not go well today. On the last visit, Ayn was in a very bad mood to start off with I was warned. I had asked that her home care worker come into the room as she was very focused on seeing her and was attempting to flee the room in addition to fairly severe melt downs. It was a judgement call I made. I didn't see the visit ending well without making this request. Ayn calmed down shortly after and the visit ended on a positive note.
Today's visit went very badly. My daughter tends to fixate to the point of almost obsessive behavior. She wanted my laptop and she has been told that she cannot have it if she is having severe temper tantrums or being violent. I believe she was angry with me today because she wasn't getting what she wanted. She has learned to use violence and negative behavior as a means to an end. Today she scratched me, hit me and it looked to me as though she was intent on throwing a chair at me.
The visit supervisor stated that Ayn's aide needed to be in the room, to calm Ayn down as she had safety concerns. I stated that I didn't think it was a good idea because it would start a trend. In addition to that, though I like Ayn's aide, I believe at times she unintentionally reinforces negative behavior.
The visit supervisor gave me the option to have the home care aide come into the room or end the visit. My hands were tied, the aide entered the room.
The visit ended half an hour early. Once the aide was in the room, Ayn continued to be angry with me and exhibit violent behavior toward me. Though her aide told Ayn not to attack me and say sorry when she did, there otherwise didn't seem to be any consequences for Ayn's behavior with the exception of Ayn getting what she wanted. Ayn's aide in effort to calm her down was talking about happy things they would do once Ayn's visit was finished, playing in the garden, baking a cake (which Ayn loves).
Ayn was then very interested in baking and in a hurry to leave.
So... that's how things have been going the last few visits.

Facebook Page, ‘Help Bring Little Autistic Girl Back to Her Daddy. 

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