Sunday, May 20, 2012


This post is my attempt to raise awareness that you as a reader may be able to assist Derek to recover his daughter named Ayn. She is autistic. He has two sons as well, one of whom is also autistic. His close friends observe and believe that he is an able and responsible and loving father. That is his life commitment. The children's mother Aime, from whom Derek is estranged, is still very much a part of the children's lives, and with respect to Derek's care of the children she is in full support. Ayn, however, was removed in June 2011 by the Ministry of Children following Derek's own call for police assistance in locating his child when she left the locked back yard one afternoon. She was located down the street 3 hours later, safe and enjoying a neighbour's yard. The Ministry's and the judicial system's wheels grind callously and cruelly at times. A court date is set for this case in December 2012. Can you believe it? He needs an excellent lawyer. He also needs funds to hire such a lawyer. Many people are seeking to help this cause. Perhaps you will read the options below and consider a gift or some activity that raises monies. Thanks for reading the story.

We are not quite there to be able to help Derek and Ayn. Please help with fundraising if you can. Bake sales, garage sales and bottle collecting are all easy and fast things to organize in you area. please contact if you have questions or ideas.

For donations you have the following 4 options:

1:) You can mail cheques payable to Ayn's Freedom Fund to the following address:
Ayn's Freedom Fund
67-13822 102 Ave
Surrey, BC
V3T 1P1

2:) The Fundrazr Donation Page is found here:

3:) Email funds using

4:) Or donate directly to the PayPal account at

Please contact the fundraising team at this email address listed above, if you have any ideas in your area for fund raising and would like support. Again thank you everyone for your support and I pray for a quick recovery of my niece.
~Mandy Pelkie~

Any and all proceeds from fundraising will go towards all efforts to Bring Ayn Home. If any funds are remaining after her return,  they will be donated to an Autism Charity of the families choosing.

Freedom for Ayn shirts and postcard packages are available for a set donation:

Postcard Package ~ $7.50 (mailing cost within CDN & USA incl.)
One postcard package contains:
  • 1 large size Ayn magnet
  • 2 Ayn stickers
  • 3 standard size postcards (mailable and w/ story incl.)
  • 4 large size postcards (non-mailable w/story incl.)
  • 5 citronella wristbands (repel mosquitos)
  • 6 Ayn balloons

T-Shirts ~ $15 + shipping costs
T-Shirts are available in Black, White or Beige in sizes S - L (limited number of XL in white & beige) These are sized generously and are 'man style' shirts.

Buy both & Save!!
$20 + shipping for one of each!

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