Tuesday, March 30, 2010

SOME GOOD NEWS / Part 152 / For Love and For Justice / Zabeth and Paul Bayne/


You may recall my posted comments on Sunday, March 28, 2010 that bore the title “Clear Comunication.”

In that blog post I referenced Paul’s and Zabeth’s middle son and his physical challenges, not serious but of enough concern to the local MCFD personnel to consider medical examination. I wrote critically of the MCFD’s omission of an expected consultation with the birth parents to discuss the boy’s needs and an intended MRI procedure as well as possible surgery.

The Baynes have just received communication from the child protection social worker in charge of their case file. The email note states that the child was taken by both the foster parent and this social worker to the same doctor that the Baynes consulted when they still had custody of him. This doctor has examined the boy, watched him move, walk and run and listened to him speak and has indicated his satisfaction with the boy’s development. The doctor did not think that the asymmetrical shape of the boy’s skull necessitated an MRI nor was it responsible for any developmental delays. Rather the delays are attributable to his extreme prematurity of birth. The doctor noted as well that the boy’s eyesight may be a factor contributing to developmental challenges the child has.

I affirm the social worker for the personal involvement in taking the child and being personally present for this report and above all for sending this news to the Baynes, indicating as well that the doctor’s report will be sent to the Baynes.
For their part, Paul and Zabeth are deeply relieved by this information, not only because the MRI was avoided but because the consulting medical professional has confirmed their sense that their son was not in need of surgery but rather that remedial attention and a stable attentive home life will help him develop effectively and reach his potential.

Let's be happy for that little boy.

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