Tuesday, October 11, 2016


She is in Ontario now. She is with a family consisting of a new mom and dad and two biological siblings older than herself. She is three years old. This is brand new to her, an experience that is two weeks old. On one hand it seems good and right that she would be united with two true sisters. Clearly that is what was in the minds of the Director and caseworkers of the Ministry of Children and Families of British Columbia well over one year ago when they began this protracted process, litigation really. It involved orders filed, hearings, appeals, court appearances.

There is another story, another perspective and that's the one I will take some time to unpack. I will begin the info download today. I have written earlier, so let me rehearse the essential account. Since S.S. was two days old, she lived with foster parents. Neither the girl nor her foster parents may be named because of a publication ban. She is referred to in public documents as S.S. Her biological parents were pleased to see her in the care of these foster parents. Her mom and dad are Métis and of the fostering couple, foster mom is also Métis. Foster mom and dad loved S.S. and theirs is the only home she has known. They are her family. That may sound naïve. However, a Métis arrangement was conducted whereby the foster parents were regarded in the Métis community as the true parents of S.S.

It must be understood that the girl's new parents are non-aboriginal.

Foster mom and dad learned one year ago that the MCFD intended to move the child to the Ontario family. Yes, at three years of age. In late September after the foster parents had exhausted all legal channels, S.S. was removed from them, kept in another foster setting as legalities dragged on and then as October approached, she was put on an airplane and flown with her new family to their home in Ontario.

You can read more of S.S.'s story on a Facebook page ‘Bring Home Baby S’. 
and at either of two websites bringsshome.ca or bringsshome.com

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