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Métis Commission for Children and Families
Métis organizations and agencies that receive six-figure amounts of Liberal government funding are the Métis Commisssion for Children and Families of BC,  the Island Métis Children and Family Services Society and the Métis Nation of British Columbia. Each of these has a network of service provider agency arms for the Métis people across this province. That's the bright side, the wisdom side of the relationship these aboriginal organizations have with the B.C. government and specifically with the Ministry of Children and Families. MCFD can rely upon these agencies to assist Métis people with services that money can provide.

There is also a dark side, the foolish side of this relationship and we have seen it expressed in the case of three-year-old SS who lost her family, her foster mom and dad and four foster siblings and her Métis connections within the past two months. Instead of 'foster' I might have written the word 'real.' This family is the only family she has known since she was born. Her Métis birth parents wanted her to be with this foster family. How did the dark side of the aforementioned Métis organizations manifest itself? In my opinion, in an unmistakable demonstration of who butters their bread, these organizations supported the Ministry of Children and Families' plan to remove SS from her Métis family. Not so the BC Métis Federation to which her foster family belongs and who have been opposed to moving the child to Ontario.

You see this was ostensibly a 'best interests of the child' question, yet it can also be interpreted in this instance to be a 'best interests of us' decision when it comes to spouting one thing in principle but in practice doing something contradictory. Observe the Métis Commission for Children and Families of BC self expression, "Acting as the legislatively designated community, the Commission is fostering the development of Métis culturally inclusive and specific programs and services through the various agencies across the province. We desire to better serve the Métis community in all facets of program and service delivery and to protect and serve the legacy of Métis people by addressing systemic issues.  We are all working for and towards the safety of our children, as well as the resurgence and perpetuation of Métis Culture through inclusive and culturally relevant programs and services. We are all brothers and sisters in the extended community of Métis people."

I highlighted key phrases for you the reader to evaluate whether in supporting the MCFD plan for SS, the Commission protected and served the legacy of Métis people, or helped to perpetuate Métis culture? You cannot successfully argue to me that the best interests of this child were served by removing her from intelligent professional foster parents who wanted to adopt her and were already her Aboriginal Custom Adoptive parents, from a Métis family and culture and community, contravening legislation that prohibits her adoption out of province or to a non-Métis family, and then covering bureaucratic butt by changing the move from adoption to a fostering relationship in Ontario.

If you will consider helping LM and RB as they go forward, look at these links,
Facebook page ‘Bring Home Baby S’, and the two websites that tell her story, or

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