Thursday, September 3, 2015


Putting my words on a diet. I manage several blog pages. I generate too many words. Users read only 20% to 28% of the words in an average Web page. Even high-literacy users scan and often only the beginning. Readers don't read very much. I have decided to put my word count on a strict diet. They'll have to work hard for survival.

Front loading my Ideas. Since users spend 80% of their time on the top end of the page, I will start with the conclusion. I must insure that the first lines pack a summary punch. I'll limit paragraphs to one idea. I will use bulleted lists & meaningful sub-headings. I have assumed photos attract attention. Not so much, unless, the image contains relevant information.

Credibility is crucial. A good reputation works in my favour. Users know they can trust my copy and they know I write carefully and well. Since I've done my homework, I offer links to others sites.

That's my intention in an ever-increasing glut of information.

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  1. Ron, we respect your experience and your wisdom. Finally, we are in a position to proceed with a Class Action, as per your guidelines - above all, evidence. Yesterday, 7 plaintiffs signed up. 3 so far today, we only need 5 to certify as a Class. There isn't any malice in this proceeding, just a call to action, a strong motivation to provide restitution for children and parents already suffering harm and a coalition of upstanding lawyers, social workers, mental health practitioners and retired judges who wish to implement and adhere to the law as it is written, not open to interpretation. Please have a look - we treasure your input. Best, Lisa


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