Monday, July 20, 2015


A Woman known to us only as J.P. is the biological mother of four children whom we know as BT.G., K.G., BN.G., and P.G. has won a landmark lawsuit against the defendants, British Columbia (Ministry of Children and Family). The defendants are named as The Director of Child, Family and Community Services and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of the Province of British Columbia. Throughout the two-year long court case, the unacceptable treatment of J.P and the substandard supervision of these children's welfare were unconcealed. A condemning judgement was anticipated. This was an evidence-based judgement by Justice Paul Walker who discerningly assessed that grounding their case management on evidence is precisely what the Ministry personnel failed to do. 

Justice Paul Walker's Full Script Ruling from July 14, 2015, is found at this link.

J.P told the Ministry that her husband B.G. was molesting her children. Workers did not believe her. Exclusive of due diligence her husband was deemed more credible than she. The children remained unprotected to him and defenseless. 

Furthermore, Justice Walker heard the court case two years ago in which J.P was the plaintiff and B.G. was the defendant, and then he ruled against B.G. and in favour of the children's mother.  

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