Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Bob Plecas
By Ray Ferris, my Advocacy Colleague 

So Bob Plecas has been asked to do an independent review. So what does this really mean.

First let us look at the Walker judgement. The judge found many failures on the part of several different staff members. To sum it up there was ill-will, lying and deception, stupidity, professional ignorance, denial, and abusive persistence in the face of the facts. This is just for starters. There was a pervasive failure in carrying out the mandate and a wilful pursuit of dominance and control. Good protection staff show intelligence, integrity, compassion, courage and good judgement. Did we see any of this? That’s right---don’t make me laugh.

The same could be said about the Vaudreuil case, the Bayne case, the CM case and many others. Did we see a system failure? No we did not. Les Leynes recently wrote that when civil servants screw up, we always blame the system. Every time there is a child welfare scandal, we blame the system and make systemic changes. We never learn the lesson of the Seebohm commissioners, that systemic change does not change non-systemic problems.

So what is Bob Plecas’ stated intention, but to look at how the system can be changed! Wonderful! Same old thing that failed before. What did we really expect? I will write again as to why Stephanie Cadieux was handed a poisoned portfolio and whose butts were being protected.

Ray Ferris is a retired child-protection worker and the author of The Art of Child Protection.
You can order the book at rtferris@telus.net

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