Thursday, February 5, 2015


Translink wants more money. It always wants more money. Here's an idea. Isn't this grand? Let's increase the provincial sales tax. We'll make it very modest .5% increase so people will hardly notice it, yet it will net us $250 million annually. We will even call this .5% increase something other than PST, a distinct name, the Congestion Improvement Tax. I'm not kidding. That's official. And further it will not be imposed upon us, but rather this spring, there will be a region-wide plebiscite. Voters will get to have a say, Yes, or No, that is, if we can splash through the rhetoric, and believe me the persuasive oratory will proliferate. Be prepared, the Yes campaign will spend several million dollars to persuade you to vote Yes. And get this, Translink will contribute four million dollars to that campaign. Yes, $4 million of your money to be spent on promo to buy your vote to give Translink more.

Expect to see Vancouver Mayor, Gregor Robertson's face a lot more. He is the chief adman for the YES side blitz for the Congestion Improvement Tax. Already committed to join him are city mayors,

The mayors and other civic representatives who are backing a Yes vote on this regional plebiscite include Surrey Mayor Linda Hepner, Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore, New Westminster Mayor Jonathan Cote, Langley Township Mayor Jack Froese, Langley City Mayor Ted Schaffer. Each naively believes that Translink can deliver rapid transit or improved service to its constituency. A .5% tax on all sales and services will not deliver on any promises Translink make, because it doesn't know how to manage money or fulfill its mandate now.
When you get your chance to vote, Vote NO. Otherwise this will never stop.
Michael Smyth discerns this catastrophe clearly in the Province article entitled,

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